WILDCAT EXPRESS QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - A1997 Doppelmayr detachable quad in the winter and a four passenger
gondola in the summer. While the quad was new to whiteface, the summer cabins were purchased used from Sulfer Mountain
in Banff Canada when that gondola was upgraded. This summer gondola and winter quad were installed to replace the original
Carlevaro-Savio gondola though it follows a line one trail over.

BOBCAT TRIPLE (RIBLET) - This 1982 Riblet services the bottom 2/3 of the right flank of the mountian.


WILDCAT GONDOLA (CARLEVARO-SAVIO) - The 1957 Carlevaro-Savio Telecar was the first detachable gondola
in the United States. It's two passenger cabins were quite similar to the former Sugarbush and Crested Butte
gondolas also built by Carlevaro-Savio.

CATAPULT DOUBLE CHAIR (RIBLET) - This 1963 Riblet double serviced the top half of the mountain along the
line that the Wildcat Express now follows. Note the odd shape t-bar, Wildcat had originally experimented with
plexiglass bubbles on the chair, an attempt that didn't last very long. This chair augmented the Gondola and
permitted operation in higher winds. The chair was eventually replaced with a triple, than the Quad.

LYNX DOUBLE CHAIR (RIBLET) - Built in 1970 this chair was decomissioned in 2000.

Picture 8 thanks to NELSAP.
Picture 29, 30 thanks to Don Cosgrove