SUGARBUSH, VT - Sugarbush is comprised of two areas, Sugarbush and Mt Ellen (Sugarbush North). Mount Ellen was a seperate area named Glen Ellen. In 1978 it was
aquired by its neighboor to the South. For years a bus connected the two but in 1995 the areas were linked with the Slide Brook Express quad.
Sugarbush Valley (Lincoln Peak) lifts

CASTLEROCK (POMA) - In 2001 Poma installed this special order low capacity double to replace the famed
Castlerock double. Castlerock is a ledgendary experts area with classic, twisting and steep and narrow bump runs.
It was important that the speacial experience was maintained when the original Castlerock chair was condemned.
The new double chair was designed with the same capacity as the old chair, with double chairs spaced far apart
like its predecessor. This allows the area to remain without snowmaking because of low skier traffic. the ride is
still long but worth the wait!

SUPER BRAVO EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1995 this high speed quad replaced the Sugar Bravo Triple.

VALLEY HOUSE QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 2015 to replace the Carlevaro-Savio Valley House Double. The new chair follows a modified line
loading below the Mushroom on the site of the former gondola base terminal.

GATE HOUSE EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1995 to replace the aging Carlevaro-Savio Gate House Double. This chair serves its
own trail pod and provides access to the North Lynx Triple and Slide Brook Express.

NORTH LYNX TRIPLE (POMA) - Originaly built in 1984 as the Sugar Bravo Triple, the lift was relocated in 1995 above the Gate
House chair to replace a poma platter lift.

VILLAGE QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - This lift was constructed in summer of 2017 to replace the Village Double chair.

HEAVEN'S GATE TRIPLE (POMA) - Built in 1983 when the gondola was removed to service the summit of Lincoln Peak.

Mt Ellen (Glen Ellen, Sugarbush North) lifts

NORTH RIDGE EXPRESS (POMA) - This lift was the original Green Mountain Express Quad erected in 1991 and
relocated to its present location in 1995 by Doppelmayr, then refurbished by Poma again in 2002. In 1995 when Sugarbush
moved the Green Mountain Express to replace the North Ridge Double, Doppelmayr installed a fixed grip quad that went
1/3 up the Green Mountain Exress line known as "the Snail." This configuration proved poor as it took 3 lifts to reach the
summit. In 2002 The Snail was sold to Jay peak and Poma-Leitner installed the current Green Mountain Express. The far side
of the drive terminal facing the woods still reads Green Mountain Express as shown in the first picture.

GREEN MOUNTAIN EXPRESS (LEITNER-POMA) - The Current Green Mountain Express Quad was installed in October 2002.
Poma-Leitner installed the express quad, which, interestingly enough, was set on the same route as the original Green
Mountain Express Quad (Poma) that had been relocated by Doppelmayr to become the North Ridge Express about 7
years earlier.

SUMMIT QUAD (POMA) - In 1991 the summit quad was built to replace the original Stadeli summit double. In 2008 it recieved a new opertors shack at the summit pictured last.

SUNNYSIDE QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 2017 to replace the former Sunnyside Double Chair

INVERNESS QUAD (POMA) - Built in 1991 to replace the original Inverness double chair.

G.M.V.S. POMA (POMA) - This Platter lift runs alongside the Inverness Quad for about 2/3 of the trail. It is used exclusivly
for racing and training unless you are lucky enough to catch a ride!

SLIDEBROOK EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1995 this engineering marvel finally connected Sugarbush with
Sugarbush North (Mt. Ellen). This lift eliminated the need for the shuttle bus ride from Lincoln Peak to Mt. Ellen. It is a
way connector lift that spans some breathtaking valleys.


GONDOLA (CARLEVARO-SAVIO) - This 3 passenger lift was designed by Carlevaro-Savio in 1958
The first four gondola pictures show the original cabins. The rest show the later cabins. In 1967 there was a fire in the
summit terminal and the lift was rebuilt. The new gondola cabins had a more angular shape. These were the famous cabins in the
1968 "Paint a Gondola" contest.
The lift was really showing its age and was removed in 1984. It was replaced by 2 Poma triple chairs, The Sugar Bravo and Heaven's Gate.
This lift is similar to Wildcat's original gondola as it was built by the same manufacturer. The old gondola house is now home to
mountain operations.

CASTLEROCK (CARLEVARO-SAVIO) - Built in 1959 this lift ran until 2001 when it was condemned because the
concrete footings has grown weak. It was a classic lift with latice towers. It was low to the ground but long and had
unusually long chair spacing. Around 1985 the lift recieved a new Poma return station which remains in use as part of
the current Castlerock chair. This chair played an integral role in defining Castlerock's character.

VILLAGE DOUBLE (CARLEVARO-SAVIO/POMA) - Originally constructed by Carlevaro-Savio in 1965, the
Original Chairs on this lift were replaced by Poma double chairs in the 1980's. The lift ran until
2017. It was replaced for the 2017-18 season with a Doppelmayr Quad.

VALLEY HOUSE DOUBLE (CARLEVARO-SAVIO/BORVIG/POMA) - Originally constructed by Carlevaro-Savio in 1960
The Original Chairs on this lift were replaced by Borvig in the 80's and the chair later recieved a new Poma Omega
drive terminal. The lift was removed in the summer of 2015 and replaced wiht the Valley House Quad.

SPRING FLING (BORVIG) - Built in 1978 as an additional beginner lift, the chair saw little use in the late 90's
and was sold to Knoebel's Amusement Park, PA where it was refurbished as the skyride. See it Here

SUMMIT DOUBLE (STADELI) - The original summit chair on Mount Ellen, replaced by the Summit Quad
in 1995. This chair originally had center pole chairs, these were later replaced with Stadeli Bail type chairs.

SUNNYSIDE DOUBLE (STADELI) - Built in 1979 as a beginner lift, this chair now services a Terrain Park and is refered
to as the Sunny D chair. The lift was replaced during summer 2017 by a new Doppelmayr quad chair.

Several pics and lift info thanks to Michael S and Daniel Robertson.