SILVER QUEEN EXPRESS (POMA) - This quad lift was built in 1992 to replace the Silverqueen Double.

TEOCALI DOUBLE (RIBLET) - This lift was built in 1979 to service intermediate terrain.


SILVER QUEEN GONDOLA (CARLEVARO-SAVIO TELECAR) - Built in 1963 the folowing information comes from
The Colorado Skier Newsletter.
"The gondola just missed the honor of being the first in Colorado by opening a few days after Vail's,
in Jan, 1963. This was an old three passenger gondola wisely discarded by an Italian ski area. The
brightly colored egg shaped gondola cars were very pretty but were also very cramped, even for
three people. The cars had no bumpers and after a few years sported patches on the round parts
where the cars collided (we hope they collided only in the stations!). The entire lift was replaced
by the "Silver Queen" bubble-top double chair in 1973. The old gondola cars are collector's items."
This Carlevaro Savio lift was very much like that at Wildcat NH and Sugarbush VT.
The Chairlift preservation society is currently in the process of restoring one of the original
Crested Butte gondola cars.

SILVER QUEEN DOUBLE (HERON-POMA) - Installed in 1973 as a covered double, at some point the covers were
removed. The double replaced the Silver Queen Gondola and served as the main access lift for the mountain
until replaced in 1992 by the Silverqueen Express.