Hyak, WA

I have never been to Hyak but I am quite intrigued after visiting the following
website. It seems as if Hyak is somewhat like a west coast version ofMagic Mt. VT.
Cherished by it's devoted following, the mountain appears to have some pretty tough classic
terrain, but struggles to survive. Hyak is cool because it is partially lost.
A chair called the Dinosaur goes from base to summit and then down the back. This
chair built by M-Latta in 1964 has not been run since the early 1980's. The terrain on
the front that it serviced must be hiked, and the terrain on the back called hidden valley
is no longer on the map. A small local area with steep backcountry, an abandoned lift,
and no quads in sight! I am going to have to get there before this changes because it
might very soon. The first 2 pics show the Dinosaur chair(m-latta). The third pic shows the
Keechelus chair (riblet 1968) with the Dino in the background. The remainder either show
the Keechelus or Easy Gold (Riblet 1968) chairs. First 6 pics thanks to Jack of hyak.net
above page. The 7th pic is the return of the Dino chair on the abandoned section of Hyak
This picture is complements of Bill Wolff. 8th is the Loading station of the Dino chair.
The only other M-Latta chairs I have found are at Whistler, BC and Jackson Hole, WY.