RED CHAIR (HERON-POMA) - Built in 1971 this 5350ft. length double extended the mountain's vertical. It serves as
the main lift on the mountain as it accesses all of the mountains terrain. The lift has one tower, 18a, that was added in 1982
as a depression tower to keep the lift sheltered from the wind. This is a Poma tower.

BLACK CHAIR (POHLIG/YAN) - A 1961 Pohlig chair that was modified in 1986 with Yan triple chairs. The lift has one
Hall tower and several new CTEC sheaves. The first two pics show the lift from the first aid building in 1986
just after it was converted to a triple. The Black chair is slated to be removed in 2018 or 2019 to be replaced
with a Poma Quad chair purchased from Stratton.

GREEN CHAIR (BORVIG) - Originally was going to be named the Phoenix chair. Construction began on this lift in 2003,
The chair is partially installed but it is uncertain as to whether it will be completed or remoed to focus on a new beginner chair.
The chair was originally the Betwixed lift at Stratton manufactured in 1982. Magic had a
Poma triple chair in this location that was sold to Berkshire East when the mountain went bankrupt in 1991.


BLUE DOUBLE (POHLIG) - This 1961 lift is not gone but has been modified as a Triple with Yan chairs and its
mid-station removed. It is the only Pohlig chair built in the United States.

T-BAR (HALL) - The T-Bar ran up the showoff trail and was replaced by the Sun Corner Triple in 1987.

MID-MTN TRIPLE (POMA) - aka the Sun Corner Triple built in 1987. This lift was removed when the mountain closed in 1991
and was sold to Berkshire East. Today the partially completed new Green Chair follows the lift line and will hopefully be completed
for 2008-2009. The halfpipe ran up showoff under this lift.

LITTLE DOUBLE (HALL) - This chair was added in 1964 to service beginner terrain. It was sold when the(br) mountain went bankrupt in 1991 to Mt Tom and has yet to be replaced. Not sure where the chair
went once Mt. Tom closed. Please let us know if you know or have any other pictures.

TIMBERSIDE DOUBLE (HALL) - this chair was built in 1972 at the Timber Ridge ski area. This area was
connected to Magic and became Timerside at Magic. Timberside is no longer part of Magic and only part
of the summit remains. You can now ride this lift at Smugglers notch where it is called Mogul Moose's Magic
lift (aptly named as it was a magic lift).