THE TRAM (DOPPELMAYR CTEC/GARAVENTA) - Built in 2009 to replace the original following 3 long seasons without Jackson's signature lift.
The cabins were manufactured by CWA (now a Doppelmayr/Garaventa company). The tram components were fabricated by the Swiss Garaventa division of Doppelmayr/Garaventa,
that specializes in aerial tramways.

EAGLE'S REST DOUBLE (MURRAY-LATTA) - Built in 1965 for the mountain's opening, this Murray-Latta chair
services the beginner area.

BRIDGER GONDOLA (POMA) - This gondola was installed in 1997 to make more intermediate terrain easily accessable.
each of the CWA cabins hold 8 passengers spaciously.

APRES VOUS (POMA) - This Poma high speed quad lift was installed in 1999 to replace The former
double chair.

CASPER QUAD (LEITNER-POMA) - This Leitner-Poma high speed quad lift was installed in 2012 to replace
the Casper triple.


THE TRAM (Willamete)- Built for the mountain debut in 1965. This section is tribute to the tram who's last
season was 2005-2006. This is probably the country's most recognizable skilift and significant in terms of the
expert terrain it services. The lift is known for it's final descent passed the famed Corbet's couloir. The tram originally
had older Swoboda cabins that were replaced 1989 with new Swoboda cabins. The pictures show the tram under
construction, than a rare picture of the cabin replacement, the tram in it's final operating configuration. Please enjoy

CASPER TRIPLE (HERON/POMA) - This Triple was added in 1974 and served intermediate terrain, it was removed in
2012 and replaced with a high speed quad.

APRES VOUS DOUBLE (HALL) - Built in 1965, this original hall lift was replaced with a Poma detachable quad in 1996.

Many of the pictures are thanks to Carl Laco! And also thanks for the pic of Carl's ticket from March 6, 1967
the first season of the tram's operation! Also thanks to Ned Bolle for several pictures. Picture 34-40 thanks to Charlie Wittke.