GONDOLA (DOPPELMAYR/PHB-HALL) - Built in 1988 to replace Loon's original PHB-Hall gondola, this lift reused
many of the original PHB-Hall tri-pod towers topped with new Doppelmayr tower heads. Other than the tower masts
all equiptment was Doppelmayr with CWA 4 passenger Omega cabins. Loon's original 1966 PHB/Hall Gondi was sold to
Lutsen, MN Everything but the tower stantions were sold to Lutsen and still operates today.

LITTLE SISTER (HALL/CTEC) - This 1966 Hall double chair has been updated with CTEC chairs. It is one of the original
3 original lifts from when the mountain first opened. It serves novice terrain.

SEVEN BROTHERS TRIPLE (CTEC) - Built in 1985 to replace the Seven Brothers double chair. This chair goes half way up
from the Gondola base.

KANCAMAGUS QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1995 to replace the W-1 and W-2 Double-Double chairs.

NORTH PEAK (DOPPELMAYR/CTEC) - Built in 2004 this high speed quad replaced a 1984 CTEC Triple.

KISSIN COUSIN (HALL/CTEC) - Built in 1986, this lift was built using towers from the original Seven Brothers double.
The bullwheel came from the original drive of the East Basin Double. The Ctec Drive and chairs were new. It opened up
a new pod of easy terrain for the 1986-87 season located in the West Basin.


GONDOLA (PHB-HALL) - Loon's original 1966 PHB/Hall Gondi was sold to Lutsen, MNwhere it
operates today. Only the Tri-pod tower masts remain at Loon.

SEVEN BROTHERS (HALL) - Built in 1966, this chair was replaced in 1985 with a CTEC triple.

W-1 (HALL) - Built in 1978, this was the first side constructed of a double-double chair.

W-1 (HALL) - Built in 1980, this was the second side completed of a double-double chair.

NORTH PEAK (CTEC) - Built in 1984, this chair was sold to Shawnee Peak, ME when it was replaced
by the North Peak Express.

The 3rd gondola picture came from a Hall postcard donated by Nelsap member John O.
Several of the Loon pics thanks to Evan Fink. The Gondola service picture
is thanks to Scot of Loon Mtn. Pics 25-48 thanks to Conrad Ward