GONDOLA (PHB/HALL) - This PHB/Hall skycrusier was originally installed at Loon, NH in 1966
When loon replaced their Gondola in 1988 it was relocated to Lutsen and first operated in 1989.
Loon retained most of the lift's original three leg pylons for their new gondola so new single Pylons
were fabricated to hold tower heads. In August 2000 a grip failure demonstrated the gondola's age. Lutsen
made immediate repairs then completely refurbished the gondola in the summer of 2002. By refurbishing the
lift Lutsen retains the quaint feel while providing many safe rides for years to come.
Way to go Lutsen this gondola is so classic! The lift is pictured HERE when it was installed at Loon.
This was the cover of a Hall Ski lft brochure.

BRIDGE LIFT (RIBLET) - This Riblet double chair serves Eagle Mountain.

Pics 3-53 thanks to Robb Schuldt