The following is a list of The Chairlift Preservation Society's 
   collection.  In addition to the physical lift parts our vast collection
   includes photographs, memorabilia and historical  information.  If you
   would like to contribute anything to the museum please email at 
   We are a client of the Rutgers Law School Community Law Clinic.  
   As of 2/2006 we are incorporated as a non for profit organization.
   under 501(c)(3) federal tax status and are able to offer Federal Tax deductions
   for charitable contributions.
   You can also email us for a copy of our marketing booklet in hard copy or 
   powerpoint format.  Thank you to Butternut, MA for Granny's double, the
   old Dartmouth Double, The old Cathalia chair and the Ski Minnie chair.
   Thank you to the Rutgers Community Law Clinic for accepting us as
   a client.
Gondolagondola 2Carlevaro-Savio Crested Butte, CO1963
Number OnedoubleRiblet Bromley, VT1958
Lord's PrayerJ-Bar? Bromley, VT?
Double ChairdoubleBorvig Snow Valley, VT1977
PomaplatterPoma Snow Valley, VT1964
Mid Mtn. DoubledoubleMeuller Round Top/Bear Creek, VT1965
GondolaGondola 4Carlevaro-Savio Killington, VT1969
QuadCP QuadBorvig Temple, NH1980?
Granny'sCP DoubleMueller Cathalia, NY/Butternut, MA1961/71
Dartmouth Skiway doubleDoubleCarlevaro-Savio Dartmouth, NH?
Mt. Cathalia DoubleMueller Cathalia, NY1961
Ski Minnie Double DoublePullman-Berry Ski Minnewaska, NY1971