Zermatt, Switzerland

Thanks Mike S. for the pictures and wonderful personal descriptions!

If there were one European resort that any skier/rider should visit, this would be the one.
with slopes underneith the Matterhorn, the highest tram station in Europe, and year-round
skiing, Zermatt is a Godsend for alpine enthusiasts. The first item is the postcard that
depicts the Zermatt-Gornergrat funicular, which ascends Gornergrat (elevation 10,138');
in this shot, it is near Riffelalp with the Matterhorn conspicuously behind it. The next
nine photos are from my incredible personal visit in May 2002. The first photo was
taken from the base area above the village and is looking towards the Furi and Furgg
areas. Note the numerous tramways in the distance and inthe foreground. the tower
to the right was part of the former Zermatt-Furi gondola, which was razed in 2002
(you can see the cables have been cut). In May, the skiing is on the glacier near the top
of Klein-Matterhorn and below the real Matterhorn. In order to access this area, one
needed to ride three seperate tramways. The next shot (pic 3) is taken from Trocker Steg
looking up the Klein-Matterhorn tram. It took me two tramrides and about 40 minutes to
reach this point. From this perspective one cannot see where the tram ends, but, on
looking closely on the way up (the next 2 pics) one can see the terminal is in a concrete
bunker that was builtin the summit cone of the mountain. These shots showthe glacier and
the other tram car. Following these shots is a profile of the summit station, which is the highest
in europe, as seen from the glacier that makes up Plateau Rosa area. The next photo is of
Michael with one of the Doppelmayr t-Bars behind him on the glacier. The glacier may shift
and it seems that the resort decided to not risk setting anything more substantial for lifts
in this area. The next shot is looking Plateau Rosa with the two T-bars and several excavators
at the base of the T-bars that were literally digging out the base terminals - the snow was
deep as seen in the second to last photo, which also has another perspective of Klein
Materhorn. The last photo is of the Furgg-Sand Broden chair with the Klein Matterhorn
in the distant right.