WINDHAM, NY - Windham was opened in 1963 and for many years was operated as a private ski club.
It had two Carlevaro-Savio lifts, one with bubble covers.

A. WHIRLWIND QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - This high speed quad installed in 1993 parallels the F Triple.

B. WHEELCHAIR (HALL/CTEC/DOPPELMAYR) - This double chair services expert terrain on the main mountain.
Originally built by Hall in 1967, it has been upgraded with custom fabricated Doppelmayr chairs that utilize
part of the orignal Hall hanger arms and grips. It also recieved a new CTEC hydraulically tensioned drive.

C. WONDERAMA TRIPLE (CTEC) - Installed to replace the original Wonderama triple in 2006.
This chair was orignally built at Windham in 1986 as the East Peak Triple. When the
East Peak Quad was put in, the triple was relocated to replace the aging Wonderama chair.

D. WHITEWAY TRIPLE (VON ROLL- HABEGGER) - This Triple was built in 1984. This was the period when Hall
lifts were aquired by Von Roll (Switzerland). At this point Von Roll was using Hall designs and
operating out of Halls shop in Watertown, NY. This is one of the few Hall lifts branded Von Roll.
Von Roll was later merged into Doppelmayr. In 2006 when the East Peak lift was relocated to replace
the Wonderama Triple there were excess chairs. These were used to replace the original chairs shown in
pics 4-6.

G. EAST PEAK EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR/CTEC) - In 2006 This high speed quad replaced the 1986 CTEC Triple
that was moved to Wonerama.

K. K TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR/CTEC) - Installed in 2005 this triple services beginner terrain.


A LIFT (Calevaro-Savio) - Originally built in 1963 with bubble covers, this double
eventually lost its covers was eventually replaced by the D Triple and A quads. You can see
the original Wonderama chair in the background.

C. WONDERAMA TRIPLE(Calevaro-Savio/CTEC) - Originally built in 1964 ,the lift was later
upgraded with a CTEC Drive and chairs. The lift was replaced in 2006 by a 1987 CTEC triple. This
new triple was originally the G chair before the G chair was replaced with a High Speed Quad.

F. WHISTLER TRIPLE (VON ROLL) - This lift was added in 1983. It's history was similar to
the D lift. Once the Whirlaway quad was added in 1993, it operated primarily as a
backup lift on wekends and holidays. It was removed summer of 2018 to make way for the Six-Pack.