CLOUDSPLITTER GONDOLA (DOPPELMAYR) - This 8 passenger Gondola lift was built in 1999. The Cabins were built by Gangloff.
The lift provided access to the Little Whiteface summit via one lift.

FACE LIFT EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR/CTEC) - This high speed quad lift replaced the face double and triple chairs in 2002.

MIXING BOWL (VON ROLL-HABEGGER) - Built in 1984 during the short period Von Roll-Habegger owned Hall Lifts. This lift services
beginner terrain right near the main base lodge. The US Von Roll installations were primarilly Hall designs and parts.
The chairs differed only slightly with plastic backrests and galvanized frames.

BEAR (VON ROLL-HABEGGER) - installed in 1984 this chair crosses under the Gondola.

LITTLE WHITEFACE DOUBLE (RIBLET/HALL/DOPPELMAYR-CTEC) - This lift evolved over the years. It was originally constructed
by Riblet. Prior to the olympics most of the lift was replaced by Hall other than a few towers. The towers below the mid-station
were later replaced with Hall double-double towers. In 2013 the towers above the mid-station were replaced with Doppelmayr-CTEC
towers. The carriers are Hall.

Former Lifts

LITTLE WHITEFACE DOUBLE (RIBLET) - The current Little Whiteface Double now stands in place of this lift.

DOUBLE/TRIPLE (Hall/Ctec) - Originally constructed by Hall as a Doule Double in advance of the 1980 winter olympics.
CTEC later upgraded the left side to a triple. The lifts were replaced by The Face quad in 2002. The CTEC triple parts went to
Gore as the Topridge Triple.