SUMMIT TRIPLE (POMA) - This lift was purchased in the spring of 2015 from The Hermitage Club/Haystack, Vt
Since the liftline at West is significantly shorter only half the towers and chairs are being used. The remainder
will remain in storage until a drive and return are purchased and that portion will replace the existing Thiokol Triple.

THE FACE DOUBLE (HALL) - A 1977 Hall double that serves the main racing slope in front of the lodge.

TRIPLE (THIOKOL) - A 1971 Thiokol serves the north section of the mountain. The chair has several CTEC
replacement parts as CTEC bought Thiokol's designs many of which are in use today.


SUMMIT DOUBLE (RIBLET) - The former Summit Double evolved through the years. It was moved to West Mountain in the 1960's
after being purchased from Kobl Mountain, Lake Placid, NY. In 1993 the majority of the lift was replaced with
Bromley's former 1965 vintage Stargazer double chair. Some of the original towers remained but the majority of the
lift was comprised of the former Bromley lift. It was removed in 2015 to make way for the Summit Triple.