Waterville Valley, NH

Here is the story of the triple chair below. The article was taken from Ski Area Management
newsletter, June 2000.

Waterville Valley Chair Lift Struck by Lightning SAM Magazine--Waterville Valley, N.H.
June 27, 2000--Lightning hit the World Cup Triple chair lift at Waterville Valley
Sunday evening, destroying the bottom terminal, its drive and lift shack, separating
the cable and severely damaging a number of chairs. Speculation is that the lightning
either struck the cable near the bottom terminal or the terminal itself and started a fire.
Two hikers saw the fire and ran to the base lodge where they pulled a fire alarm. According
to Larry Hoffman, Waterville operations director, by the time fire crews arrived, the
terminal building and its motors were completely destroyed. The cable separated at the
terminal and chairs had fallen to the ground about a third of the way up the 4,000-foot-
long lift. The Staedli lift was built in 1985 and travels just more than halfway up
Waterville's 2,020 feet of vertical. According to Hoffman, the top terminal doesnít appear
to be damaged at all. Local fire marshalls and representatives of the New Hampshire Tramway
Board were at the ski area yesterday, but resort officials wonít decide whether to rebuild,
replace or remove the lift until the damage is inspected by Watervilleís insurance company
and an independent lift expert. The chair lift was typically used only on weekends and

The first picture is of the Sunnyside Staedli triple.
The second is the World Cup triple's new terminal this winter (They rebuilt it!!).
The third is the World Cup triple the day after the accident.
Fourth is a picture of the High Country Double, also a Stadeli.