VIDEMANETTE, ROUGEMONT SWITZERLAND - Part of the Gstaad Super Ski Region, the Videmanette
is one of the most unique rock formations in the valley. Popular with skiers, gliders and
climbers, the summit almost feels like the set of a science fiction movie. From the observation deck one can
spot Les Dents in one direction and the Eiger in the other. The mountian is serviced by the Gondola,
a small tram, an 8 passenger detachable lift and a double chair. The gondola is the only acess from the
Rougemont side. It connects with Saanen and Gstaad from the bowl in the rear.

GONDOLA (GARAVENTA) - Built in 2010, this 8 passenger gondola is part of the Gstaad Ski region.
It departs from the village of Rougemont and goes all the way to the summit of the Videmanette mountain.
The lift replaced a Mueller GMD 4 passenger two stage gondola. Unlike the original gondola the new
lift has no mid-station. There is a great deal more space in between towers on the new lift. Like the original this
gondola terminates in the tunnel built into the summit.

LES GOUILLES VIDEMANETTE TRAM (GMD MUELLER) - Built in 1984 provide access from the Les Gouilles bowl
this eight person fixed cableway lets people skiing from the Saannen side access the Videmanette restaurant
and summit.


GONDOLA (GMD MUELLER) - In 1984 almost the entire original 1959 Mueller gondola was
replaced. The 1984 lift had CWA Omega cabins and all new components were once again from Mueller.
After an empty gondola slid on the cable in 2009 it was decided to replace the lift ahead of schedule.
The cabin and mid station are pictured below. For more photos of both the 1959 orignal lift and the 1984
rebuild visit HERE