Tyrolian Hills, MI

The following info and pics thanks to Mike M.

Tyrolean Hills, Gaylord, MI Double Lift (pictures from mid or late 80's)
I at one time thought this was a Poma, but now suspect it might be a Miner-Denver; I'll try to
check it out again before fall (if it's still standing) Tyrolean Hills had a habit of going bankrupt.
I found reference to it in the Traverse City Record Eagle, but Sugarloaf is listed too; they've
been shut down for over 3 years now...Double Chair - grips look like old Poma pivoted clamp
grips (pivoted parallel to the line of the ropeway). The chairs definitely look Poma, but the drive
terminal looks like no other Poma I've ever seen (despite the cross-arms common to other older
Poma lift towers, at the drive terminal). The bullwheel has a roller chain welded coaxially within it.
A Falk right-angle gear reducer has an output shaft mounted sprocket in mesh with and inside of
the roller chain. There is a three-limit switch rotation sense arrangement apparently for anti-rollback.
The motor was speed adjustable wound-rotor. I'll have to go back and look at it; Miner-Denver casts
their name into the sheave rims; I'd believe it was a Poma if I hadn't seen some M-D's that look so
similar to this contraption, since taking these photos. The Tower shot looks Poma, but comparing
it to the Nubs yellow lift, the base-plate to foundation mounting arrangement is wrong. The power
transmission train is so unusual to me; every Poma I've ever seen uses either a Hansen, or internally
built speed reducer; Falk doesn't want their reducers used for hauling humans.....