Treetops/Sylvan Knob, MI

The following pictures and information thanks to Michael Martin.

Sylvan Knob, Gaylord, MI (now treetops resort) Poma Double
Only a few shots of the last Poma double at Sylvan (photos taken sometime late 80's), I've only skied
there once, to say I did. At the time, in addition to this double, they had a new CTEC triple on the other
side of the hill, and two Poma surface lifts - they were detachable, but the line speed couldn't have been
more than 4 or 500 fpm. This lift is of the same vintage and design as the Red lift at Nubs Knob, though it
had tubular towers. The tension (top) end was one of the free-hanging suspended bullwheel assemblies,
tied to a cement mass. It had a pair of motors on it; I'm not sure of the electrical arrangement. The operator's
shack was small, with the hand-crank switch-box typical of wound-rotor motor powered Poma lifts; I'm
wondering if the power was sent to the second motor instead of a resistor pack during startup and low speed
operation. It made the same hoover-ish whining sounds I remember the Red lift making at anything below full
speed. The bullwheel emergency band-brake tripped twice the night I was skiing there; the ones at Nubs had
never done that, so I was impressed that the system actually worked. The old Poma's were cool; everything was
out in the open for you to look at.