PALMER EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1996, this lift replaced the original Palmer Double. The lift is placed
into hibernation each winter. The chairs are removed and the cable is lowered to a small set of sheaves located
further down the tower. This is all done as the winter snows and wind are fierce and bury the chair. The lift
has tripod towers to combat winter wind speeds. The Summit terminal is built into the mountain so terminal
equiptment remains safe. The mid-station often remains buried until summer at which time the cable is lowered
from the set of sheaves above. The mid-station allows skiers to lap the upper snowfields until late summer.

MAGIC MILE QUAD (POMA) - Built in 1992 to replace the Magic Mile double, this Poma high speed
quad runs from the lodge to the Palmer Snowfield and Palmer Chair. 1955.

PUCCI TRIPLE (POMA) - Built in 1986, this lift replaced the original Pucci Double. The double was built by Riblet in

BRUNO (POMA) - This Double Chair was added in 1986 for beginners. It is only 46 vertical feet
and is named after one of the lodge's famous mountain dogs. Both lift operator shacks are adjustable
for the snowpack!

MOLLY'S EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 2000 this quad was named for Molly Kohnstamm.

STORMIN' NORMAN (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 2000, this lift is named for Norman Weiner, one of Timberline's
first lift operators. It replaced the Blossom chair built by Riblet.

JEFF FLOOD EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR-CTEC) - Built in 2007, this lift added significant terrain below the Timberline Lodge.


MAGIC MILE SINGLE CHAIR (RIBLET) - This chair completed in 1939 was The Riblet Tramway Company's first ski lift.
It was extensively rebuil in 1955, as it ceased running during World War II. This chair's top bullwheel was located
in what is currently the Silcox hut. In 1962 it was replaced with the Magic Mile double which ran a sligtly different line
departing from the poolside of the Timberline Lodge.

PUCCI DOUBLE (POMA) - Built in 1955 to supplement the Magic Mile lift, the center pole double was replaced in 1987 with
a Poma triple chair.

BLOSSOM DOUBLE (RIBLET) - This chair was replaced by the Stormin' Norman express in 2000.