TENNEY MOUNTAIN, NH - Tenney closed its doors for the 2010 season and as of 2011 its future remains uncertain.
In the early 2000's the area was the testing ground for a Japanese snow making system called "Snow Magic."
As a pulicity stunt the mountain built a snow tube run on July 4th one year. Unfortunatly the system did not
take off and the hill stuggled in later years.

SUMMIT DOUBLE (STAEDLI) - Built in 1964, the summit chair still stands as of 2011. When originally constructed this lift
had center pole chairs. It was later upgraded with a new Staedli drive terminal and bail style chairs.

TRIPLE (BORVIG-POMA) - This 1987 chair has Poma towers and sheaves with a Borvig drive and chairs.
The recorded builder is Borvig, not sure why it has Poma towers. As of 2011 it is still standing.