The following pics and information thanks to Mike S.
Temple Mountain Ski Area has been dormant since the 2000-2001 season, and after hearing rumors that the lifts were
to be razed, Mike made sure to stop by in April 2004 to photograph them before they were gone forever. Located just off
of Route 101 at the top of a high mountain pass, it is unfortunate that such an interesting place, which had reasonable
rates, had to close. The first pic shows the Temple sign, second is the trail map as it appeared in the 2000 season, third
is a hand drawn map of the base area. Next are two pics of the double chair (Poma). These are followed by several pics of
the quad chair. This center pole quad was built by Borvig around 1980. Note the wooden slats on the chairs and the double
safety bars on each chair. The last photo is of the controls inside the building—note the “Locator Box” with the different
circuits listed, the “Borvig Box” with the speed, start, stop, and indicator lights. Also notice the start-up procedures for the
chair on the sheet for newer employees. This quad was purchased and relocated to Nashoba valley in the summer of 2004.
The lift is comprised of 12 towers and 103 chairs. It will service new runs at Nashoba.