CHONDOLA (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 2008, the Chondola replaced the South Ridge Triple chair. It provides
riders with a choice between a six pack chair or Gondola Cabin.

PERFECT TURN EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - This Doppelmayr high speed quad was installed in 1997 to
replace the North Peak triple.

SOUTH RIDGE EXPRESS (POMA) - Built by Poma in 1992 to replace the South Ridge double.

SUNDAY RIVER EXPRESS (YAN/POMA) - Built by Yan in 1987 this lift has been modified by Poma a few times.
First in 1996 it received new grips and re-built terminals. It later received new chairs and a few tower heads.
This chair replaced the Barker Double chair, an rare Pullman-Berry lift from 1971.

LITTLE WHITE CAP QUAD (YAN) - Built in 1988 this is a rare Yan late model design with Pentagon shaped chairs.
The lift was later upgraded by Poma with new hanger arms and grips.

WHITE HEAT QUAD (YAN) - Built in 1988 to compete with Killington's Outer Limits.

LOCKE MOUNTAIN TRIPLE (BORVIG) - Built in 1984 this lift features a mid-station.

SPRUCE PEAK TRIPLE (BORVIG) - Built in 1986 to service four new trails.

QUANTUM LEAP TRIPLE (HALL/BORVIG) - Installed used in 1992, this lift is used mostly Hall parts
but has a Borvig drive and depression sheaves.

JORDAN BOWL DOUBLE (CTEC/HALL) - This chair has a CTEC drive and tower arems. The double chairs
are Hall most likely from the old South Ridge Double. This chair is not for those with a fear of heights!

AURORA PEAK QUAD (YAN) - Added in 1991 when Yan quads were showing up all over New England.


BARKER (PULLMAN-BERRY) - Built in 1971, it was rumored that this double chair was unreliable. In 1987 it was
replaced with a Yan detachable quad, the Sunday River Express.

SOUTH RIDGE TRIPLE (BORVIG) - This Borvig triple chair ran from 1986-2008 until the Chondola was installed.

Pics thanks to Chris P. (Techskier), Dave "DJ Spookman" and Pearl Jakestein and Conrad Ward.