SPRUCE TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1989 this chair opened up additional intermediate terrain.

NORTH PEAK TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1987 this lift replaced the North Peak Double.

CLIPPER SHIP QUAD (POMA) - Built in 2000 this chair replaced the province double.

SUNAPEE EXPRESS QUAD (POMA) - Installed in 1998 this lift replaced the summit triple.

DUCKLING DOUBLE (ROEBLING) - Built in 1963 by Roebling of Trenton, NJ.

SUN BOWL EXPRESS QUAD (POMA) - In 2014 the Sun Bowl quad was upgraded to a high speed lift using
terminals, carrriers and grips from the North Star Express Quad at Okemo, VT (a 1992 Poma). Many of the towers from
the 1998 fixed grip install were re-used. Converting the quad cut ride time to 4 minutes.

BEACH BLANKET () - A beginner Magic Carpet installed in 2010.


SUN BOWL QUAD (POMA) - This lift was converted to a high speed detachable lift in 2014 with terminals
grips and carriers from Okemo's former Northstar Express summit chair. Many of the towers from the fixed grip
lift were re-used in the high speed installation. The fixed grip quad pictured here was installed at Sunapee in 1998, the chairlift is a 1987 alpha model quad.
It was originally located at Okemo as the Solitude Quad. In 1994 when Okemo replaced it with a high speed
quad it was relocated as the South Face quad. In 1997 Okemo replaced the South Face quad with a
detatchable and shipped this chair to its 3rd location as the Sun Bowl Quad. It replaced the Sun
Bowl Double (Heron-Hopkins) chair from 1967.

SUMMER GONDOLA (ROEBLING) - Starting in 1966 Gondola cabins were hung on the summit double for
summer sightseeing. The summit double was built in 1962 by Roebling.

PROVINCE DOUBLE (HERON-HOPKINS) - Built in 1965 this chair ran until replaced by Clipper Ship Quad in 2000

NORTH PEAK (ROEBLING) - Built in 1948 this chair was converted to a double in 1966. It was completely replaced
in 1987 with a Doppelmayr Triple.

SUN BOWL DOUBLE (HERON-HOPKINS) - Built in 1967 this chair was replaced in 1998 with the
Sun Bowl Quad.

Several pics thanks to Woodcore and Dave "DJ Spookman"! Info thanks to Chip of Triple Peaks! Several pictures thanks to Dave Driver. Pics 38-39 thanks to Newenglandskier13.