SAWDUSTER (STAEDLI) - This double chair was installed in 1970 in the base area. It serves as a connector chair
from the Sugarloaf Inn and doubles as a novice chair. It shares one tower with the Snubber Triple.

SNUBBER (BORVIG) - This triple chair installed in 1985 serves primarily as an access lift for condos.

SUGARLOAF SUPERQUAD (CTEC-GARAVENTA) - This high speed quad was added in 1994.

DOUBLE RUNNER (BORVIG) - This lift is the last remaining double/double chair on the mountain. Popular before
the advent of High Speed Quads double/doubles were two individual lifts that shared one set of towers. The Double
Runner West side of the lift was installed in 1973 with the East side added in 1974.

SKYLINE QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - Installed in 2011 to replace the Spillway double/double Chairs. The lift has
conveyor loading so it can run at a slightly higher speeds than fixed grip chairs with standard loading.

TIMBERLINE (BORVIG) - This chair was originally installed as the first Whiffletree quad in 1988.
In 1997 it was relocated to the upper shoulder of the mountain serve the snowfields when the gondola
was decomissioned. The new Whiffletree high speed quad was installed on its original line.

WEST DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Constructed in 1984 to be a double-double, the second side was
never completed.

WHIFFLETREE (GARAVENTA-CTEC) - This high speed lift was installed in 1997 to replaced the former fixed grip Borvig quad.


GONDOLA (PHB) - Installed in 1965 this once proud base to summit lift was the pride of Sugarloaf.
This was a two stage gondola with both drives located at the mid-station. It was designed as a two stage lift to allow
the bottom section to operate during wind holds, repair downtime, etc. In 1986 an accident on the lower section caused the
gondola to close. 1992 the bottom section was pillaged for parts and the upper section re-opened restoring access to the
snowfields. Sadly in 2000 the gondola was closed for good but has not entirely disappeared from the mountain. The mid-station
remained until 2007 with towers scattered about the surrounding woods. As of 2013 the summit house remains with a few gondola
cars parked inside. The bottom station now houses the competetion center. Gondola cabins were auctioned off and are scattered
throughout the valley as a reminder of the once great Sugarloaf Gondola.


SPILLWAY (BORVIG) - This lift was a double/double chair on the upper portion of the mountain.
The Spillway east side was installed in 1975 with the west side added in 1983.
In 2011 it was removed following an accident where the Spillway East side derailed. It was replaced
by the Skyline Quad.

BUCKSAW (STAEDLI) - This double chair was installed in 1969, it was the mountain's first
double chair and was put in to expand upon the terrain served by the gondola. It was removed in
2014 as it saw little use and required an upgrade that would have been costly and hard to source
parts for.

Several pictures and Info thanks to Josh, Adam and K2Trav, Pics 32-64, 88-90 thanks to
Jim Sturzenberger. Pics 65, 66 and 91-95 Conrad Ward. Pics 98-100 thanks to Sugarloaf.