VILLAGE GONDOLA (HERON/CTEC) - The West's first gondola was built in 1953 by famed lift engineer Bob Heron.
It was built as an access to the ski area from the train and highway below. The gondola was the only way
to access the area once upon a time. Built during the Korean war and subsequent metal shortage the lift
was constructed of recycled mining equiptment. Heron refabicated the mining transport to construct the
Magic Carpet gondola. The original 12 gondola cars held six passengers each and were built by a truck
manufacturer in Denver.
In 1983 the gondola was reconstructed by CTEC of Salt Lake City. In the rebuild they reused the original towers
but replaced all the line gear, drive and return components. It was a challenge to get all the modern equiptment
into the original housing structures. Toady the gondola is no longer a manditory means of access, but when running
is a classic way to travel to the base. The rebuilt lift features 50 CWA Omega type cabins.

CROW'S NEST/PONY EXPRESS (HERON/HALL) - This 1963 Heron double chair has been upgraded with Hall chairs.
In 2014 it was renamed the Pony Express so not to be confused with the new Crow's Peak Triple.

DISNEY EXPRESS (CTEC-GARAVENTA) - Installed in 1999 to replace the Mt. Disney double chiar.

NOB HILL (CTEC) - This quad chair was installed by CTEC in 1992. It services Novice terrain from
the Disney base.

MEADOWS (THIOKOL) - This double chair was built in 1975.


MT DISNEY (RIBLET/HERON) - The first chairlift in California built in 1939. Originally built as a single chair, it was later upgraded to a Double by Heron.
It was replaced in 1999 with a High Speed Quad.

VILLAGE ACESS DOUBLE (HERON/POMA) - Built to augment the gondola in 1970, it was originally known as the Magic
Carpet double. The lift was removed in the spring of 2011. The Top half of the lift was replaced with The Village
Surface lift.

SILVER BELT QUAD (YAN) - Built in 1986, this Yan Quad chair was replaced by the Mt Lincoln Express in 2001.

Pics 4-24 thanks to Charlie Wittke