GONDOLA (DOPPELMAYR) - This lift was built in 1986 to replace the original 1970 Bell gondola. It has 8 seater
CWA Omega type cabins. It was called the Silver Bullet for several years on the trail map but now is listed as the

CHRISTIE III (YAN) - This 1979 triple runs parallel to the Christie II chair and was built in 1979 to replace the original Christie I .


CHRISTIE I (COSMOS) -This lift was one of only two lifts by the Swiss firm, Cosmos that were imported
The U.S distributor was Cowelco of Long Beach, CA. They were facing bankruptcy and shipping delays dragged
out for weeks. Though much work was done during the summer of 1962 the lift didn't open till 12 January 1963

CHRISTIE II (HERON-POMA) - A 1972 Heron double that parallelled a Yan triple from the base to Thunderhead until 2007.
The lift has been replaced with the Christie Peak Express chair.

STAGECOACH GONDOLA (BELL) - The original 6 seater Bi-cable gondola was built in 1970 really putting Steamboat on
the map as a world class resort. Gondola village was built around the terminal creating a true base village. It had 90 cabins
and rose 2100 feet to Thunderhead Peak. The cabins were subcontracted to the a Swiss company, Nouvelle Carrosserie
of Lausanne.

Information thanks to Bill Fetcher, Steamboat Springs, CO