SQUAW VALLEY, CA - Squaw's lifts are rich in history, whether longer, bigger or faster, Alex Cushing, Squaw's founder
was always pushing to have the latest in technology.

TRAM (GARAVENTA) - This gigantic lift is an engineering marvel riddled with history. First opened in 1968
this 150 passanger tramway took two years to design and construct. In 1998 the lift recieved new cabins and
electrical systems. When boarding the tram one loads a giant elevator the size of the tram cabin. The passangers
then rise up to the tram level, exit the elevator and board the tram cabin for the ride to High Camp. It was previously
named the High Camp Cable Car but is now just called The Tram.

GOLD COAST FUNITEL (GARAVENTA/CTEC) - The Funitel is the 4th lift to follow the line of Squaw's original Gondola. Built in 1998
it takes skiers from Squaw's main base lodge to the Gold Coast area. It replaced the Super Gondola (Poma) which was the third Gondola to
follow the line. The cabins were built by CWA and hold 28 passengers each. The four grip design allows the lift to operate in high winds.

KT-22 EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Installed in 1995, this is the third chair to follow the KT-22 line.
It replaced the second Riblet brand KT-22 double.

SIBERIA EXPRESS (POMA) - Installed in 1985, this waas one of the first detachable quads in the country.

BIG BLUE EXPRESS (LEITNER-POMA) - This six pack was installed in 2012.

GOLD COAST EXPRESS (POMA) - This six pack was installed in 1999 to replace a double of the same name.

CORNICE II (YAN) - Built in 1974 this classic Yan double services expert terrain.

EXHIBITION/SEARCHLIGHT (YAN/DOPPELMAYR) - This chair has a Yan drive, towers and return but has Doppelmayr
chairs and sheave assemblies. This chair replaced the former Searchlight and Exhibition Double chairs.

RED DOG (POMA) - Servicing new intermediate terrain the Red Dog Triple was installed in 1989 as the Big Red lift.
It was renamed Red Dog around 1993 when the smaller Red Dog double chair was renamed the Papouse.

SQUAW CREEK TRIPLE (POMA) - Installed in 1989 to connect the Squaw Creek resort and add more intermediate terrain.

FAR EAST EXPRESS (GARAVENTA/CTEC) - Built in 2000 to replace the Papouse (Red Dog) Riblet double chair.

OLYMPIC LADY (YAN) - Installed in 1974 has the old square style Yan bail chairs.

BAILEY'S BEACH (YAN) - Installed in 2000, this Yan triple may have come from somewhere else on the Mountain.

SOLITUDE (DOPPELMAYR) - This triple chair services the terrain below Granite Chief and above Silverado.

SILVERADO (YAN) - This Yan triple services terrain furthest down below Shirley Lake. Re-Installed in 1992 this chair was
originally installed as the Lost Lake triple around 1982.

SHIRLEY LAKE EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR-CTEC) - This 6-pack was built in 2007 to replace an older detachable Poma quad chair.


GONDOLA (PHB-HALL) - Built in 1963 to access the Gold Coast area of the upper mountain. This
lift was made famous by the cult ski classic "Hot Dog" when Squirel Murphy meets a lady friend on the
ride up. The lift was replaced by a new Yan gondola in 1984 which lasted only 2 years because of design
problems. Poma replaced that lift with the supergondola. The funitel now follows the gondola line.

SUPER GONDOLA (POMA) - This 6 person gondola was the third gondola to run to the Gold Coast. The lift was
Installed in 1985 to replace the troubled 2 year old Yan gondola. It was replaced in 1998 by the funitel and
sold to Lake Louise, Alberta.

KT-22 DOUBLE (HERON) - The original KT-22 double was installed for the 1960 Olympics. This chair was
later replaced by a riblet double, than a detachable quad. The second lift shows the original KT-22 next
to the little KT-22 chair. KT-22 is the Yellow chair in the background.

SECOND KT-22 DOUBLE (RIBLET) - This Riblet double replaced the original KT-22 chair and built quite
a reputation with extreme skiers like of Scott Schmidt in the 1980's. Shown is Jeff McKitrick on the last
run of the KT-22 double.

LITTLE KT-22 DOUBLE (POMA) - This chair served beginner terrain, it is the blue chair in the foreground. The original
KT-22 chair is the Yellow chair in the background.

JIGBACK TRAM (HERON) - This tram formed of several connected sideways facing doubles was enginered
by Bob Heron for the 1960 Winter Olympics.

SQUAW ONE (HERON) - When opened in 1949 this double chairlift was quite an engineering feat. At a
time when few areas even had single chairs, Squaw built the world's longest double lift!

RED DOG/PAPOUSE (RIBLET) - Installed as the Red Dog Double chair this lift was renamed Papouse around 1993 when
Big Red triple chair was renamed Red Dog.

Pics 18-93 thanks to Charlie Wittke.