GALZIGBAHN (DOPPELMAYR) - This Funitel Gondola Lift has 28 cabins that carry 24 people each. Built in 2006-7, It replaced
the tram originally constructed in 1937 and modified in 1964. This tram departs from the village of St Anton
and travels to the Galzig summit ski station.

VALLUGABAHN (WAGNER-BRIO/STEURER) - Built in 1955 the lift recieved upgrades by Steurer than new cabins and an upgrade in 2002.
The new cabins were built by Swoboda

VALLUGABAHN II (WAGNER-BRIO) - This small tram completes the trip to the summit of the Valluga

ST CHRISTOPHBAHN (LEITNER) - This Leitner high speed bubble quad connects the village of St Christoph with the
summit of the Galzig. It was built in 1995 to replace the 1952 vintage St Christophbahn tram.

ARLENMAHDERBAHN (DOPPELMAYR) - Located between the St Christophbahn and Valfager lift this 6 person
lift ends at the base of the Schindler Spitze. It was constructed in 2003.

VALFAGEHR (LEITNER) - Built in 2005 this 6 passenger bubble lift accesses some excelent expert terrain. The lift also connects the village of Steuben with the Galzig area.

MAASSBAHN (DOPPELMAYR) - This center pole Doppelmayr double takes skiers from the bottom
of the Rendl bowl to slightly above the Rendel restaurant and summit gondola station.

RIFFELBAHN I (DOPPELMAYR) - This Doppelmayr double takes skiers from the bottom
to half way up the Riffelsharte bowl

RIFFELBAHN II (DOPPELMAYR) - This Doppelmayr double takes skiers from half way up the
Riffelsharte bowl to the summit.

UBUNGSLIFT RENDL (DOPPELMAYR) - This T-bar services the terrain park under the famous Rendl Beach.

GAMPBERGBAHN (LEITNER) - Built in 2003 this high speed 6 pack replaced a surface lift.

RENDELBAHN (WAGNER-BRIO) - Built in 1974 by Wagner-Brio this bi-cable gondola was the only access to
to the Rendel area of St Anton. After 35 years of operation it was retired at the end of the 2009 season.
We were fortunate to get a first hand look at this lift before it was removed. I have to say I prefered the
Sunny Side of Rendl, sadly with the new Rendlbahn's terminal in the center of town, it will no longer
be a local stash. The last few pictures are a tribute to the famous Rendl Beach at the summit terminal
The lift was replaced by a Leitner 8 passenger mono-cable gondola in 2010. The new summit terminal reused
about 1/3 of the orignal structure, the rest was demolished and rebuilt including a new gondola area and restaurant
seating area and ski shop. The 80's theme was iconic and added to the festivities. The orange bar umbrellas appear
in countless brochures and guide books. The lift had CWA brand 6 passenger cabins.