PLATINUM TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR/CTEC) - This lift replaced the 1974 vintage Red Chair as the primary
lif from the base area.

GOLD TRIPLE (RIBLET) - A 1981 Riblet triple that serves the beginner area.

COPPER DOUBLE (RIBLET) - This double serves the front side of the area.

SILVER CHAIR (BORVIG) - Bult in 1988 this Borvig chair services it's own bowl and the backside of
mountain. Note late model plastic Borvig seats.

GREEN DOUBLE (RIBLET) - This lift built in 1977 is slated to be removed in the summer of 2014.


RED DOUBLE (HOME BUILT) - This chair was built in 1959 by the mountain's owner, Strokes Bolton
form oil derricks.

RED DOUBLE (RIBLET) - This 1974 Riblet double replaced the mountain's original 1959 home built lift. It was
replaced with the Platinum Lift in 2009.

BLUE DOUBLE (BORVIG) - This 1976 Borvig Double was replaced with a surface lift.

Pics 2,3,4 thanks to Paul Armstrong.