POWDER RIDGE, CT - This area has sat dormant since 2007.

CHAIR 4 (BORVIG) - Installed in 1971 as the 747 quad, for many years this was "New England's
only 4 place lift." For ease of operation the lift was converted to a triple in summer of 2001
Some of the pictures below show the quad chairs scattered after they were removed from Chair 4.
The last picture shows the quad in operation in 1993.

CHAIR 3 NOVICE (HALL) - This classic 1965 Hall double still stands.

CHAIR 2 TRIPLE (PARTEK) - This lift was contructed by Partek in 2001 using a reconditioned
borvig triple with various new Partek parts.

CHAIR 1 NORTH (HALL) - This 1964 double chair still stands today.


CHAIR 2 SOUTH DOUBLE (HALL) - This 1963 chair was replaced with a Partek triple in the Fall of 2001.