BONANZA DOUBLE (CARLEVARO-SAVIO) - Built in1966 this lift provides a seperate beginer's area. This small Carlevaro/Savio
double chair has tubular towers verses the lattice towers used on their longer lifts. This chair has very small sheaves for a double chair.

LITTLE PICO TRIPLE (PHB-HALL) - Built in 1980, this lift replaced the famed Constam T-Bar serving the A,B, and C slopes.

OUTPOST DOUBLE (CARLEVARO-SAVIO) - Bult in 1969, this lift serves up some great bump runs and an escape from crowds.

KNOME'S KNOLL TRIPLE (HALL) - Bult in 1971, this was the first triple chair in Vermont. It recieved a new drive house summer 2003

SUMMIT EXPRESS QUAD (YAN/POMA) - Bult in 1988 by YAN and modified by Poma in 1998, this lift replaced
the summit double and the lower double although it does not run all the way down to the base lodge. This Yan High
Speed Quad serves the upper mountain and replaced two double chairs, and later the Poma lift on the summit as well as
the Birch Glades Double. It still has the original tear drop chairs with Poma Grips. When ASC bought the mountain, they
had the lift retrofitted by Poma (new grips, sheave trains derailers, etc). The lift was also dropped below treeline at the
summit to the prevent infamous wind closures that plagued the lift for many years.

GOLDEN EXPRESS QUAD (YAN/POMA) - Installed by Yan in 1987, modified by Poma in 1997 with new grips and terminal
rebuilds. It was named in honor of Pico’s Fiftieth Anniversary, the Golden High Speed Quad runs on its own lift line.
In 1986, the owners were prepared to install a triple, and then a fixed grip quad, but Yan encouraged them to wait and
purchase this new lift. It is 5,000 feet long and cost more than the total for the other nine lifts in operation at the time.
It has a 2,400 person per hour capacity. (Info from “ Pico , Vermont and the Development of Alpine Skiing in the United
States ” by Linda Goodspeed.) This lift has original carriers with Poma grips and was repainted in 2006. The first picture
shows the original lift drive pre-rebuild in winter 1997-98.


SUMMIT DOUBLE (CARLEVARO-SAVIO/DOPPELMAYR) - This chair was built by Carlevaro-Savio in 1965.
The first picture shows the chair in its original configuration with the lower chair in the distance. The second
picture shows the lift as modified sometime in the 1980's by Doppelmayr with new carriers and tower cross arms.

BIRCH GLADE DOUBLE (POMA/CARLEVARO-SAVIO) - Added in 1978, this lift served the lower half of the upper mountain serving a pod of nice intermediate trails.
It was partially removed in 1994 with only the towers standing. The towers were removed around 1997. The only picture we have of the lift shows Carlevaro-Savio
chairs on the line that most likely came from the Summit double when Doppelmayr performed the modernization of that lift. We are not sure if this was a Frankenlift
built from used parts or if had Poma chairs to match the towers at some point.

SUMMIT POMA (POMA) - This lift was installed in 1978 for expert skiers to enjoy the top 1/3 of the mountain.
Pico stoped operating it around 1995 and removal was done around 2004. The drive still stands and many parts
still remain in use as replacemnt parts on Killington's Snowdon Poma.

LOWER CHAIR (STADELI) - Bult in 1962 the chair originally had center pole seats, it was later upgraded with
Stadeli bail type chairs and a new drive terminal sometime in the 1970's.

CONSTAM T-BAR (CONSTAM) - Bult in 1940 this ledgendary lift brought skiers up the mountain for 40 years.
It bread many great skiers like Andrea Meade Lawerence and was home to the first ski patrol. Only the footings
remain today, but the Little Pico Triple follows the original line.

Quad pics and info thanks to Mike S.