HURRICANE TRIPLE (BORVIG) - This lift was added in 1977 for additional capacity and skiable acres.

PEAK DOUBLE (MUELLER) - Built in 1962 this was the first chair to the summit.

VORTEX DOUBLE (HALL) - The Vortex was a refurbished Hall double installed in 1998. This lift
came from The Norwich University Ski Bowl, VT, now closed. The chairs have been galvanized.

GUSTY J-BAR (HALL) - This rare surface lift is in fantastic condition.

TURBULENCE (PARTEK) - Built in 2003 by Partek, the first row of shots shows the lift under construction.
The second row shows the lift complete.

VALLEY DOUBLE (MUELLER/CTEC) - Built in 1969. The first picture shows the chair with its original Mueller seats.
In 2011it was upgraded with CTEC chairs.

Pics 1-4 and info thanks to Michael S. Pics 5-13 from Pats Peak, NH