KING CON EXPRESS (GARAVANTA-CTEC) - This high speed quad was installed in 1993 to replace the 1973 King Con Thiokol triple.

MOTHERLODE (YAN) - This triple was added in 1980 by Lift Engineering (YAN). Note the adjustable loading
terminal for snow depth.

EAGLE (GARAVENTA-CTEC) - This triple was built in 1993

EAGLET (GARAVENTA-CTEC) - This triple was built in 1995, it is a short chair above the Eagle Lift.

SILVERLOAD (GARAVENTA-CTEC) - Built in 1996 this High Speed Six, replaced the Crescent Quad chair built by Yan.

SILVER STAR (GARAVENTA-CTEC) - This triple was built in 2005, it was originaly built as
the First Time lift in 1994 and relocated to its current position when the First Time Express
was installed.

JUPITER DOUBLE (YAN) - This 1976 Yan double chair services the Pinecone Ridge Terrain

THAYNES DOUBLE (YAN) - This double chair was installed in 1975 by YAN on the Mid-Mountain section

SILVER STAR PRIVATE FUNICULAR (UNKNOWN) - This private funicular connects slopeside housing with the Silver
Star lift.


GONDOLA (PHB/CONSTAM/HALL) - Built in 1963 as part of the original Treasure Mountain master plan. This two stage German built
gondola system was installed by engineer E. Constam in conjunction with PHB (Pohlig Heckel Bleichert) of Koln. The lift was built
to operate at a speed of 620 ft/min. It had an angle station that connected the two sections and was 2.5 miles long. The lift had
three sets of cabins over the course of its life. The first came from Germany, the next set came from Hall who had succeded Constam in
marketing and installing PHB Gondolas in the US.
In 1982 the gondola recieved all new CWA Custom Omega type cabins with one slanted side and automatic doors. These cabins were refurbished
in the late 90's by Jimmy Buff-It lift painting to a white color with tinted plexiglass. The Gondola was replaced in 1997 by two high speed
six packs after 34 years of service. The third set of cabins lived on however going to Big Sky Montana where they replaced the orignal cabins
until that gondola was removed in 2008. They were last seen in the bone yard of Sugarloaf Maine around 2012.

SKIER SUBWAY (UNKNOWN) - In 1965 a former mine train was opened s a "Skier Subway." The lift stoped
operating a few years later as many found it frightening riding in the dark.

Pictures with seals courtesy of Utah University Library collection. Pics 10,11 thanks to Dan Robertson.
Pics 14-34 Thanks to Conrad.