SUNBURST SIX (LEITNER-POMA) - This chair was installed in 2014 to replace the Northstar Express quad.
A large barn was built to house the bubble chairs when not in use. The lift now serves as a "signiture lift" and is
the second bubble six person chair in Vermont.

GLADES PEAK QUAD (POMA) - Built in 1991 to replace the Northwest Summit Double, this lift brought more
capacity to the underutilized upper left flank of the mountain.

SOUTH RIDGE QUAD 1 (POMA) - Built in 1985, this Poma Alpha type quad was added to increase the capacity of skiers
traveling from the base lodge to the upper mountain. this was a task formerly handled by the South Ridge double and
two pomalifts. The South Ridge quad ran parallel to the south ridge double until the double was replaced in 1990.
Of the two quads it is the one on the left.

SOUTH RIDGE QUAD 2 (POMA) - Built in 1990, this Poma Alpha type quad replaced the South Ridge Double.
Of the two quads it is the one on the right.

BLACK RIDGE TRIPLE (POMA) - Bult in 1984 this Poma Alpha type lift replaced the Black Poma.

GREEN RIDGE TRIPLE (DOPPELMAYR) - Bult in 1986 this triple was named in honor of the green poma which it replaced.

MORNINGSTAR TRIPLE - The original northstar triple rebuilt with new tower tubes in 1999 on the solitude side of the
mountain to service some new trails and condos. Note the early style Alpha type terminal.

COLEMAN BROOK EXPRESS (POMA) - Built in 2003 to service terrain at the Jackson Gore area.


NORTHSTAR EXPRESS QUAD (POMA) - Built in 1992 as Okemo's first high speed quad, this lift re-used the tower pylons
from the Northeast Summit Triple, also a Poma from 1983. The rest of the Northstar triple later became the Morningstar triple.
The terminals, grips and other parts were sent to Mt. Sunapee for the conversion of the Sun Bowl quad to a high speed chair in 2014.

SACHEM DOUBLE (POMA) - The first chairlift to be added to Okemo in 1965. This lift was upgraded in the 1971
by Poma with new chairs and a new drive. It was eventually replaced by the Sachem Quad in 1989. The lift was once called the Mohawk chair.

NORTHWEST SUMMIT DOUBLE (RIBLET) - Built in 1969, this lift was also once called the summit double and
also the eagle double.

SOUTH RIDGE DOUBLE (POMA) - Built in 1971, this lift was also once called the Cherokee Lift. It ran Parallel to the Yellow and Blue Pomas
It was replaced by the South Ridge Quad #2 in 1990.

YELLOW POMA (POMA) - Built in 1955, this Pomalift was one of the mountain's first. It was originally called the Lower Poma
before the lifts were painted colors. In 1961 it was extended further uphill so that skiers could easily reach the Black Poma.
The Yellow poma was removed when the first Southridge quad was installed in 1985.

BLUE POMA (POMA) - Built in 1958, this Pomalift was constructed parallel to the Yellow Poma and was originally named
Lower Poma 2 . It was added to ease congestion at the base and went a bit further uphill than the Yellow Poma.. The Blue Poma
was removed when the first Southridge quad was installed in 1985.

RED POMA (POMA) - Built in 1955 this was Okemo's original summit lift.

First 2 Green ridge pictures thanks to savethet-bar.com. Thanks to
Woody Bousquet for the Blue and Yellow poma picture. Pic 19, 20 thanks to Don Cosgrove, Pics 21-44 Jason Walega.

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