Nub's Knob, MI

The following pictures show the Blue, Yellow and Green chairs at Nub's Knob. Pictures and information thanks to

"Nubs started out with all Poma doubles. The first, the Red lift, was similar to ones appearing in Poma-Telecar
magazine ads; fabricated steel lattice towers, dual motors that whined like an oversized hoover. Next to it, on
"Chute" was the yellow lift. It had a single wound rotor motor (42KW), an enclosed gearbox that is the same
one used as the only reducer on the smaller Poma surface lifts with a pinion gear on the output shaft driving a
bullgear. It never drifted out of adjustment to get noisy the way Hall's do. The yellow lift had at least one
add-on backstop - a steam engine era governor lifted a pivoted ratcheting pawl up out of the path of the bullwheel
spokes as the lift accelerated and ran. Below a critical speed, or during intentional slow-speed operation, the
ratchet pawl would make a loud clunking noise is it was dropping in between bullwheel spokes. as they made
their way around. There was a manually released, gravity-set drum brake installed on the lift, as well. All except
Dory's lift (on the back side, now a Riblet or Doppelmayr Quad) had floating bullwheels suspended between the
ropeway carrying the chairs, and the free-hanging counterweight - only the Blue lift, still operational, may still
have the suspended bullwheel; I'll climb up and take some shots one of these days. The Red lift is long gone -
replaced by a Riblet Quad - the Green lift - sometime in the late 70's. The Yellow lift was moved to Holiday Hills
where it is once again set for demolition. The Blue lift is a 60-hp Reliance Electric line-start AC driven Poma with
a v-belt reduction stage (eyeballed at 2:1) driving a Hansen gear reducer. The bullwheel is mounted to the output
shaft of the Hansen gearbox. There is a disk service brake and centrifugal backstop ratchets on the input sheave
assembly, a gravity set clamp brake on the bullwheel rim,with an operator actuated brake-set trigger. There is also
a reverse-travel actuated anti-rollback pawl that drops into the bullwheel spokes if necessary to prevent a rollback.
Nubs used to use marine-style watercraft Hailers for communications between the top and bottom; I haven't skied
there in at least 5 seasons - the state may have since forced them to put in intercom phones. The e-stop switch on all
the lifts used to be a Leviton wall mount toggle switch; I suspect those have been upgraded too. Dory's lift was a
smaller Poma with a 25 or 40 hp Reuland Electric softstart AC motor, driving a Hansen reducer through a 1:1 belt
input stage. It's top tension bullwheel was mounted in a carriage, rather than being free-floating. It has been moved
to the front beginner's area, has a Fincor DC drive on it, and it is now purple. Any of the recent develpments or
replacements at Nubs have all been straightforward Riblet installations...."