May 10, 2013 - What a great season! It started for me in August when I was fortunate enough
to grab a day on the Palmer Snow Field and spend a night at the Timberline Lodge. If you appreciate
ski history or ski culture in general, this should be on your bucket list. Another great historic area I
visited for the first time was Bridger Bowl MT. The picture below shows myself along with my wife riding the
Alpine Double just weeks before she was decomissioned. I love this photo, so thanks you to my friend Amy for snapping
it. Many people have sent in fantastic pictures of lifts all over the US, so check back all Summer as we
keep updating!

July 10th, 2012 - Just back from a big whirlwind NH tour so stay tuned for a great deal of improvement
and updates to the NH resorts! I have a very patient wife, I took alot of pictures. We have also been sent a
great number of California pictures so expect more western updates as well.

May 7th, 2011 - We're Back!

You may have noticed that we have been updating again! After a two year hiatus is
back. Our efforts have been focused on our sister site and initiative Save Magic.
Our beloved ski area was in danger of closing and needed our help. Check back for frequent updates
as we continue to document our worlds ski lift history. As we are limited on resources we have decided
to keep the sites "vintage" html architecture. Nothing fancy, just an online museum. We think its
kind of neat to have a working site built on the same bones as when it launced in 1996! is doing its part to preserve a classic double chair this summer! Save Magic is
holding a fundraiser to paint the beloved red chair in Londonderry, VT. Their will be a chair on the
line come September! Find out how you can sponsor a chair at Save Magic.

July 21/2006 - 200 areas with aerial tramways documented!

It's official Baby! The Chairlift Preservation Society is officialy a not for profit corporation exempt from federal income tax
under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal revenue Code. We are currently building our collection of lifts
and other artifacts. We can offer tax dedutions in exchange for chairs, gondolas and other donations.
Please contact us at if you have anything you might like to contribute.

Thanks to Shawn and the folks at Butternut we managed to
Expand our collection by 4 chairs this weekend. This picture
shows Steve of the CPS with Shawn of Butternut and the truck
loaded with chairs. We picked up, 2 Meullers, 1 Carlevaro-Savio
and 1 Pullman-Berry. More details will be found in the collection
Getting gas on I-91. According to Shawn at Butternut our
truck looked like a mobile junyard. It will soon be
the basis of a collection of beautifully restored chairs.
5 new chairs in 2 weeks and one more secured for pickup.
By the end of the summer the collection will have grown to
2 Gondolas, 9 chairs, 1 t-bar, 1 platter and various other
items. Hopefully there will be others!
June 5th 2005, A unique addition, A Borvig center
pole quad chair from the former Temple Mountain
ski area in New Hampshire.
A tractor is used to lift the chair from the pile
and load into "Savio," our official Jeep comanche
skilift retrival unit!
That's not how the chair hung from the cable!
Our Roundtop/Bearcreek Mueller double chair stored safely
inside awaiting cleanup.
Our 2 gondolas are stored. The smaller gondola from Crested Butte
has been "stabalized" with rust inhibiting paint to prevent further
deterioration as we await funds for the restoration. Compare it with
the picture at the bottom of the page, it can now enjoy a little more
dignity! The larger Killington gondola requires only minor restoration.
Here we are as we pick up our prize of the collection,
a vintage Killington Gondola! A fellow in NH had it
and he was moving to Florida, so he sold it to us!
You don't see this every day!
Dave & Jeff transport the Crested Butte gondola to VT.
The Gondola traveled via FedEx from Colorado to NJ,
then via "Savio" the CPS official comanchee to Ludlow, VT.