Originally Vernon Valley/Great Gorge ski area in Venon, NJ. Great Gorge ski area opened in 1965, Vernon Valley opened just
to the North in 1968. The areas merged in 1971 which combined with the Playboy Club and Action Park created a sizable resort
under 1 hour from New York City. Following financial troubles Intrawest purchased the resort in 1998 and rebranded it Mountain Creek.
The resort underwent a complete overhaul removing all but two lifts and adding 5 new lifts including an 8 passenger Cabriolet Gondola.
In 2010 when Intrawest sold off most of its assets Mountain Creek was purchased by Crystal Springs Resort.

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To learn all about the history of skiing in NJ grab Liz Holste's book HERE. We did.

SUGAR QUAD (PARTEK) - Installed in 1998 to serve the beginner area on the Vernon Peak side. It was installed
for the area's first season as "Mountain Creek." It's base terminal is roughly in the area of the old White double chair.

CABRIOLET GONDOLA (DOPPELMAYR) - Installed in 1998 as Mountain Creek's signiture lift. It follows the line of
the original Bubble Chairlift (Blue Double) but ending slightly higher at the true summit. The upper half follows
the now lost Moonspin trail.

VERNON TRIPLE (BORVIG) - The only remaing lift from the Vernon Valley / Great Gorge era. This chair
was built in 1981 as the "Orange Triple". In 1998 when VV/GG became Mountain Creek it was overhauled
recieving new com line masts on towers.

GRANITE PEAK (DOPPELMAYR) - A fixed grip quad installed in 1998 on the old Great Gorge North secton, now
named Granite Peak. It follows the same line as the Borvig double chair it replaced and you can see the old
footings where the towers have been cut down.

BEAR PEAK (DOPPELMAYR) - One of two detachable quads installed in 1998 on the old Great Gorge side.
This chair follows the line of the old Kamikazee Double.

SOUTH PEAK EXPRESS (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1998 during the Mountain Creek rebrand, this chair follows
a line similar the former Great Gorge Summit Chair but further north (left) of the original liftline.

SOJURN DOUBLE (PARTEK) - Installed in 2012 this lift replaced the original Sojurn Double (removed in 2010).
It follows almost the same exact footprint but uses fewer towers and is considerably further off the ground in places.

Former Lifts

SOJOURN DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Built in 1971 this lift ran from the old Great Gorge South mid-station area to the summit of Great Gorge North.
It was originally called the North Passage lift. When VV/GG became Mountain Creek this was one of only two VV/GG lifts to remain as it was
a vital connecter lift. In 2010 the lift was removed because of age and for two years buses were the only way back to the Vernon Base.
In 2012 the new Sojourn Double was installed by Partek re-establishing a way back to North Peak and Vernon.

KAMIKAZEE DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Built in 1965, this chair orignally had pentagon shaped chairs. The chairs
were later replaced with regular Borvig style carriers. The lift was removed in 1998 and replaced with a
Doppelmayr Quad.

RACING DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Constructed in 1967. Located on what is now Bear Peak, this chair started 1/4 up the hill and served
the racing trail. The Kamikazee chair ran over the bottom terminal of this chair. The lift was removed in 1998
as part of the Mountian Creek redesign.

GREAT GORGE SUMMIT DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Built in 1967 this lift was located on a simialar line as the current South Peak
Chair. When the mountain opened in 1965 a lift only ran to the Mid Station until this chair was added.

BUBBLE (BLUE) DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Built for the Vernon's debut in 1968 this Borvig chair had Rudkin Wiley brand
bubble chairs. The chairs were later removed and replaced with standard Borvig chairs. At this time it
was slightly lengthened and dubbled the Blue Chair.

YELLOW DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Built in 1969 this lift was Vernon Valley's longest chair until the triple was built in 1981.
It was removed in 1998. This chair ran through the waterpark and up the straightaway trail.

BROWN DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Built in 1968 this lift was one of Vernon Valley's 2 beginner chairs. It was removed in 1998.

RED DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Built in 1968 this lift was one of Vernon Valley's 2 beginner chairs. It was removed in 1998.

WHITE DOUBLE-DOUBLE (BORVIG) - Built in 1972 this lift first had a chair running up the left side of the towers. It was
designed to carry two lifts but only one was built. It was removed in 1998. It started up Sugar Slope and terminated above
Great Northern.

Great Gorge Connection (BORVIG) - This double chair ran from Vernon Valley starting from Upper Turnpike to the summit of Great Gorge North.
Its purpose was to connect skiers to the Souther Sojurn trail over to Great Gorge South. It was removed in 1998 and not replaced.

BAKERSFIELD DOUBLE (BORVIG) - This chair at Great Gorge South ran up Baker's Field to the mid-station. It was removed in 1998.

CLOUD 9 DOUBLE (BORVIG) - This short chair ran from the base of Great Gorge South to Baker's Field.
It was removed in 1998.

GREAT GORGE NORTH (BORVIG) - This chair was installed in 1971 as the main chair up GG's new North section.
It was replaced in 1998 with the Granite Peak Quad.

RIM RUN DOUBLE (BORVIG) - This 1971 Borvig chair served the lower slopes of GG North. It was removed in the 80's.

PLATTER PULL (BORVIG) - This was the original lift on the Mountain.


GONOLDA (LEITNER) - This Leitner brand gondola cabin was put on display in the 80's. This was going to connect
the Season's Development with Great Gorge North. The lift was never built but the Gondola cabin is still around!

TRAM - It was once planned to have an aerial tram connect the Playboy Club with the base of Great Gorge North. This connection
was never realized.

Second Sojurn pic thanks to Ken Marvin.