Mt Baker, WA

First is a picture of the C-1 lift, a 1952 Riblet double. Next is a shot of the drive terminal of the C-3 lift, a 1968 Murray-Latta
double. This terminal was also known as the Galena terminal. Note the adjustable terminal is as high as it can go. Next is
the top terminal of C-3. The rope is off the sheaves because a splice was in progress. Next is a pic of the bottom terminals
of C-4 (right) and C-5 (left). C-4 is also a 1968 Murray-Latta double; C-5 is a 1974 Riblet double. Both were replaced by a CTEC
fixed quad in the summer of 2002. Next is a shot where the C-2 lift crosses under C-1, just downhill of the C-1 midstation. The
liftie touching the carrier is standing on 20' of snowpack.

Pics thanks to John.