Mad River has one of the only remaining single chairs in the United States. This summer of 2007 the single was
completely refurbished. Tower footings were repoured, replica chairs were fabricated and new grips and sheaves
were installed. A new drive and return bullwheel were be installed. The lift was also converted from diesel to electric.
The Mad River Co-operative voted to restore the single rather than replace it. this is a ski area with a true sense of its history.
A ride on the single is a unique experience which should be had by all. Gladly this will be gaurenteed well into the future.

ORIGINAL SINGLE (AMERICAN WIRE AND ROPE) - Built in 1947 and opened in 1948. The people in picture 2 and 3 are
the same people 50 years apart. The woman was Miss Vermont in 1948, the year Mad River Glen and the single
chair began operation, and the man was the lift attendant at the beginning and at the area's 50th anniversary.
The one solid tower (a riblet) was added in 1958 at the bottom of the single.

REBUILT SINGLE (AMERICAN WIRE AND ROPE/ DOPPELMAYR-CTEC) - The rebuilt lift features new replica chairs that
utilize modern Doppelmayr/CTEC grips. The towers are original as well as the frame for the return bullwheel.
Everything else has been modernized.

SINGLE CHAIR RENOVATION PROCESS - During the Summer of 2007 Doppelmayr/CTEC was contracted to reconstruct the single
chair so that it can run for years to come but retain the same experience as the original chair. The towers are shipped
a few at a time to Maine where they are stripped and repainted. The lift will feature the original towers, Drive station
housing and signage. The new chairs will be close replicas to the originals and the drive, sheaves, return and grips will
all be new. Also not making the return was the solid Riblet brand tower added in 1958. It was replaced with a new
Latice tower. These pictures show the chair in unique detail as older parts wait to be scrapped refurbished or reused as
decoration. At this point some tower parts were back and restored, some were still in original condition.

SUNNYSIDE DOUBLE (CTEC/GARAVENTA) - This CTEC/Garaventa double replaced the original Mueller double
in 1998. The original chair had been upgraded with a Borvig drive which was re-used in the new lift.
The chair has been rebadged as Doppelmay/CTEC but you can see the original CTEC/Garaventa logo behind
the new number plates.

BIRDLAND DOUBLE (MUELLER/BORVIG) - A Mueller double built in 1967. In 1998 the original chairs on this lift were replaced
with Borvig chairs from the original Sunnyside Double. The original chairs were center pole Mueller type.

PRACTICE SLOPE CHAIR (MUELLER/BORVIG) - In 1971 this Mueller double was built to replace the T-Bar on the practice slope. It was later upgraded in the 80's with Borvig chairs.

CALLIE'S CORNER HANDLE TOW - Added in 2000 for the learning area.


SUNNYSIDE DOUBLE (MUELLER/BORVIG) - This Mueller chair was built in 1961 to service the Sunnyside slopes. In 1982
it was upgraded with a new Borvig drive and Borvig chairs. the chair was replaced in 1998 because of
tower footing deteriation.

T-BAR - The T-bar was built in 1958 to service the practice slope. It was replaced in 1971 by the Practice Double.

ROPE TOW - In 1954 this was the first lift in the practice slope area.

The chair from the original Sunnyside Double is pictured courtesy of Jeremy from Nelsap
Several pics thanks toDan Robertson.