SHEEHAN DOUBLE (POMA) - Built in 1984 to replace the ski school poma, this lift services lower mountain terrain.

WORTH DOUBLE (POMA) - Built in 1969 this Poma double chair has new CTEC chairs and goes from
base to summit on the front side. This lift was upgraded by CTEC in 1988/89 with a new cable and chairs.
The chairs pictured off the cable are the lift's original poma chairs. The chairs were changed when
The mountain discovered cracks developing in the grips. The first picture from an old Vermont Life
magazine shows the lift with original chairs.

BAILEY FALLS TRIPLE (CTEC) - Built in 1988 this chair replaced the Poma on the back of the mountain. It is 115
chairs and 4400 feet long.

Vermont Life picture contributed by Michael Stahler