CHAIR ONE (YAN) - A Yan triple bilt in 1981

CHAIR TWO (YAN) - A Yan triple bilt in 1984 with plastic Yan logo chairs.

CHAIR THREE (POMA) - A Poma quad installed in 1997 to replace the old chair #3. This lift
is located at the Valley base. This lift has a mid-station.

CHAIR FOUR (HERON) - This 1965 Heron double is mostly original except for replacement Yan
chairs. The first picture shows the chair with its orignal heron chairs. The second shows
the current Yan carriers.

CHAIR FIVE (HERON-POMA) - This Heron Double was built in 1975 to connect Loveland's two lower
areas Basin and Valley. The chair crosses a highway, but is seldom run.

CHAIR SIX (YAN) - A Yan double with early bail type chairs built in 1977.

CHAIR SEVEN (YAN) - A Yan double located on the Valley side. The drive for this lift is a classic

CHAIR EIGHT (YAN/POMA) - This 1990 Yan quad was the last original install in Colorado.
It now has replacement Poma chairs.

CHAIR NINE (POMA) - This Poma quad was built in 1998 and is the second highest chair in
North America.


CHAIR THREE (HERON) - This double was located in the Loveland Valley section of the resort.
It was replaced in 1997 with a Poma Quad (New Chair #3).

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