PTARMIGAN QUAD (YAN) - This lift was built in 1991 to service backside terrain and serve as a return to the front.

PARADISE TRIPLE (YAN) - Constructed in 1982 by Lift Engineering (Yan) this lift provdes great skiing on the back side.


WHITEHORN GONDOLA (VON ROLL) - The original gondola (1959) shown below boarded from a roadside parking lot and terminated 2/3 up the ski area. This
Gondola was manufactured by Von Roll and is very similar to the Seattle World's Fair gondola. Each cabin carried 2 passengers seated sideways much
like early Von Roll detachable double chairs. The lift was eventually relegated to summer use only around 1990 because of low capacity. The lower
lot was passed by for the comfort of the base lodge and the 2 new Yan high speed quads that had been installed uphill. The lower trails are now
abandoned with some towers and the bottom terminal standing. The top terminal/lodge still stands.

GLACIER TRIPLE (Murray-Latta) - This lift has been replaced by the glacier express quad built by Leitner.

FRIENDLY GIANT (YAN) - This lift served as the main access from the front of the mountain from 1989 until 2000
when a Leitner quad replaced the aging Glacier chair. The friendly giant had its grips replaced around 1995 in response
to an accident with a similar type Yan detachable chair at another resort. Once the Whitehorn Gondola was retired from
public use around 1998 CWA cabins purchased used and covered quad chairs were placed on the lift in the summer as the
gondola ride. We are not sure where these cabins were purchased from as they were not the original cabins from
Lake louise's original Whitehorn gondola. This continued until around 2000 when the Leitner took over the summer duty. The chair was removed in 2005.

Thanks to Laurie P of for one of the old gondi pics.
Thanks to Eric for the Friendly Giant, Paradise and Ptarmigan pics.