KITZBUHEL, AUSTRIA - The Kitzbuhel bergbahn AG operates several lifts spanning several towns From Kitzbuhel
to Mittersill.

A1 HANNENKAHM BAHN (GIRAK/GARAVENTA) - The thrid lift to grace this famous liftline, the current
Hannenkahl was constructed in 1996. It replaced an aerial tramway.

A2 STREIFALM 1 (GIRAK) - Built in 1966, this double chair services low elevation terrain. It primarily serves racers
on the Streif.

A4 FLECKALMBAHN (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 1984 this 6 passenger gondola that travels from Kirchberg to the summit of Ehrenbach-hohe.

C4 SONNENRASTBAHN (LEITNER) - This six passenger lift was built in 2005 to replace an older lift.

C7 JUFENALM (GIRAK) - A 1983 center pole triple.

D1 SILBERSTUBE 4 (GIRAK) - A 1994 fixed grip quad that takes skiers from the Pengelstien bowl back to Steinberg Kogel.

D2 HIESLEGGBAHN 4 (GIRAK) - Built in 1988, this was an early high speed detachable quad. The stations are large houses
such as those found on older gondolas. It takes skier from the woods below to the summit of the Pengelstien.

D7 KASERECBAHN 3 (GIRAK) - A 1983 fixed grip triple that takes skiers to the Pengelstien summit.

D3 PENGELSTIEN 2 (GIRAK-GARAVENTA) - Built in 2000 this covered high speed quad that takes skiers to the Pengelstien summit.

D5 PENGELSTIEN (DOPPELMAYR)- Built in 2003 this high speed 8 person gondola that takes skiers to mid Pengelstien
from the valley near Kirchberg.

D9 3S BAHN (DOPPELMAYR) - A Tri-cable ropeway built in 2004 with 24, 30 paaasenger cabins. car #1 has a glass floor.
At the highest poit above the valley this lift is 400m (about1200 feet) above the valley floor. On board it feels like
a small plane.

E3 MAIERL III (GIRAK) - A 1993 double chair which takes skiers from the Maierl slopes to the Ehrenbach-hohe summit area.

F5 TALSEN (DOPPELMAYR) - A speed detachable quad serving the upper slopes of the Wurzhohe.

G8 ZWEITAUSENDER (GIRAK) - This 1977 Girak double accesses some of Kitzbuhel's best terrain. It is a classic double
over classic bump runs. Incredible ride above the cloud cover not to be forgotten!


HANNENKAHM BAHN - Built in 1958 this tram tram ran the line of the current Hannenkahm gondola prior to 1996.
The three plaques provide the history of this famous liftline...if your German is good!

C2 EHRENBACHHOHE TRIPLE (GIRAK) - A 1965 center pole triple that served the back side of the Ehrenbach-hohe. It was
replaced in 2006 with a high speed covered Leitner 6-pack.

C6 STEINBERGKOGEL GIPFEL (GIRAK) - A classic Girak double built in 1974 was replaced in 2006