SNOWDON TRIPLE (HERON-POMA) - A 1973 Poma Heron chair that follows the line of Killington's orignal pomalift.

K1 GONDOLA (POMA) - Built in 1998 to replace the Killington double chair, this lift was constructed with CWA Omega cabins in computer generated art
to match the Skyeship gondola. In 2018 the lift recieved a new set of Sigma cabins and various other mechanical upgrades.

SUPERSTAR (YAN/POMA) - The superstar quad was built by Yan in 1987. It was later modified by Poma in 1997 with
new grips, sheaves and line equiptment. It was modified by Poma again in 2004 with new chairs.

NORTH RIDGE QUAD (LEITNER-POMA) - This fixed grip quad was a brand new installation from Leitner-Poma to replace the
aging North Ridge Triple.

CANYON QUAD (POMA/YAN) - This quad is Frankenlift built in 1992 with parts from a Yan triple from Steamboat, CO
and new parts from Poma. The Drive, return and tower masts are Yan. The towerheads, sheaves, grips and chairs are all Poma.

SNOWSHED QUAD (YAN/POMA) - This Yan detachable quad was built in 1987 by yan and modified in 1998 by Poma with
new grips, sheaves and line gear.

SNOWSHED DOUBLE 1 (POMA/YAN) - Built in 1961 by Poma, this chair was retrofitted in 1987 by Yan with new
chairs, drive and return terminals and grips.

PERFECT TURN POMA (POMA) - This Poma services part of Snowshed.

RAMS HEAD EXPRESS (POMA) - Built in 1996 by Poma as a plan to reinvigorate Rams Head as a familly oriented area. Once
one graduates from Snowshed he/she can walk through the tunnel to this Beginner/Intermediate terrain. Lost in this transition
were some trails at the top and some fun short steeps accesed by the original double chair. While we now hike for our turns on
sunny days, the Rams Head trails below once quiet and underused are teaming with familys. Another change was an architecturally
unrelated addition to the original and unique Rams Head Lodge. Pics thanks to
The Rams Head quad relieved a great deal of pressure from the Killington base area.

SKYE PEAK QUAD (Leitner-Poma) - Built in 2008 this high speed quad replaced the fixed grip Yan Quad
of the same name. The new chair re-used many of the original towers.

BEAR MOUNTAIN QUAD (YAN) - Originally built as a triple by Yan in 1979, this lift was designed to be
converted to a quad. The conversion was performed by Yan in 1984.

NORTHBROOK QUAD (POMA) - Built by Poma in 1996 this quad connects the Needle's Eye area with Snowshed.

SKYESHIP GONDOLA (POMA)- In 1994 this Poma gondola with CWA cabins replaced the original Killington gondola
however it does not go all the way to the summit as the original gondola did. The gondola begins on route 100 and has one
turn at the original Northbrook gondola station. The Skyeship then continues on to the top of Skye Peak where the original
gondola made its second turn at the Skye Peak station. The old Northbrook turn station structure is now used to store the

NEEDLES EYE QUAD (POMA) - Built by Poma in 1996 this high speed quad replaced the Needles Eye double
following a new line slightly to the right. While the quad is shorter than the double, cutting off direct access
to some fun terrain, it provides quick direct access to the Killington Base. One can still acess all the Needle's eye
by taking the second section of the skyeship gondola.

SUNRISE VILLAGE TRIPLE (YAN) - Originally installed as the Northeast Passage Triple chair in 1982, this lift traveled 12 minutes
from the Sunrise Base Lodge on Rt 100 to the current terminus on Sunrise Mountain. The lift was shortened in 2001, cut off at the
mid-station at the Sunrise Village. In the late 90's the lift rarely ran and slopeside condo owners were upset as they had no
ski in ski out access to the resort. The lift was shortened as part of a land swap giving Killington the acrage needed for the
yet to be built "Killington-Pico interconnect." Lost were some really nice expert trails as the lower 2/3 of the lift and Hill
were permanantly closed.


KILLINTON PEAK CHAIR (POMA) - built in 1960 this was the original summit lift. When it was replaced in 1975
by a Hall double it was modified and relocated to the Needle's Eye slope to become the Needle's Eye double.

KILLINGTON DOUBLE (HALL/YAN/CTEC) - Built by Hall in 1975 the second Killington peak chair was modified
later by Yan with a new top drive terminal and later by CTEC with new chair frames and grips. It was replaced
by the K-1 gondola in 1998. The last 2 pics show the double being removed.

NORTH RIDGE TRIPLE (HERON-POMA) - Built in 1972 and originally called the Glades Triple,
this chair replaced the Glades Poma. It provided good early season high elevation skiing.
It was replaced with a fixed grip Leitner-Poma quad chair in 2019.

SNOWDON QUAD (POMA/YAN/POMA) - This quad used the original Snowdon Double towers (Poma) with new
crossarms, chairs (Poma) and new hanger arms and bottom return (Yan). This is one of the stranger "frankenstein" lifts around.
The double was converted to this quad in 1987. The lift was removed in summer 2018 and will be moved to
to serve as the long awaited replacement for the South Ridge Triple.

UPPER SNOWDON POMA (POMA) - Built in 1958, this is one of the mountains original 2 lifts. It was removed from its
original location summer of 2018 but will live on as the KMS Poma relocated to the Rams Head area. and going!

SNOWSHED DOUBLE 2 (POMA/YAN) - Built in 1963 by Poma, this chair was retrofitted in 1987 by Yan with new
chairs, drive and return terminals and grips. The lift was removed in 2016 however as of 2018 the drive and return
bullwheels remain.

NEEDLE"S EYE DOUBLE (POMA/YAN) - In 1975 the original Killington double was moved to the Needle's Eye slope.
It was later upgraded by Yan with a new summit drive terminal and chairs. Shown is the Yan drive which still remains.
This chair was replaced in 1996 by the Needle's Eye quad. One of the Yan chairs from the lift now sits on the deck of the
Summit Lodge. The Yan Reducer remains in the top house which served to allow for variable cable speed.

DEVIL'S FIDDLE (YAN) - Built in 1983 by Yan this was killington's first quad. It was originally named the Bear Mtn. Quad
until the Bear Mtn. triple was converted to a quad and it was named Devil's Fiddle. The chair was
Decomissioned and taken off the map in 2008 becuase it saw such little use.

SKYE PEAK QUAD (YAN) - Built in 1984 this was Killington's second Quad. It was replaced in 2008 with a Leitner-Poma
detachable quad. Many of the towers were re-used in the new quad.

KILLINGTON GONDOLA (CARLEVARO-SAVIO) - Built between 1968 and 1970 this three section, four passenger
gondola was the longest lift in North America for many years. It was also the first gondola to have doors that opened
automatically. It ran until 1994 when it was replaced by the Skyeship gondola. The Original bottom terminal
is now the Skyeship lodge, the Northbrook angle station now serves as gondola storage for the Skyeship.
The summit terminal was demolished in 2011 to make way for a New summit lodge in 2013. The line for the
third section is still visable yet narrower as a powerline.

SOUTH RIDGE TRIPLE (YAN) - Built by Yan in 1977, this lift forms a triangle with seperate tower going up and down.
The lift was built this way with a turn so that skiers could load mid-way up the lift for early season skiing. Killington
president Preston Smith had seen such a chair in Europe and wanted one for his mountain. The souther exposure didn't
lend well to early season skiing and was quickly abandoned. The lift was popular with skiers seeking laps of
natural ungroomed terrain and was a great place to escape the crowds. The lift was removed summer 2011 and there
are no current published replacement plans.

Pictures 10 and 11 thanks to NELSAP
Pic 139 thanks to Don Cosgrove, Pic 163-164 thans to Don Dambra.