BERSHIRE EXPRESS (GARAVENTA-CTEC) - Built for the 200 season, this six seater high spped detachable lift replaced
a vintage Riblet center pole double.

NOVICE (RIBLET) - A Riblet triple that shares the dive station house with the Berkshire Express. This lift
was added in 1978.

SUMMIT TRIPLE (RIBLET) - A Riblet triple built in 1978 serves the main face of the mountain.

GRAND SLAM (RIBLET) - A Riblet center pole double built in 1969 also serves the alpine slide in the summer.
In 2010 the center pole carriers were replaced with Riblet bail type chairs.

CRICKET TRIPLE (PARTEK) - Installed in 1996 this triple chairs services condominiums and a learning area.
Prior to the Leitner-Poma merger, Partek and its predecessor Borvig manufactured chairs with several
Leitner parts from Italy. The sheaves on this chair are stamped Leitner.


SUMMIT DOUBLE (MUELLER) - This center pole chair was installed in 1964 and was replaced in 1983.