TRAM (VON ROLL) - Jay Peak's Von Roll tramway was built in 1966 and originally featured Red CWA cabins. One carried
a water tank on the bottom for many years. In the summer of 2000 the tram was overhauled and recieved with new white Swoboda cabins.
The tram is the only lift today that reaches the summit.

BONAVENTURE QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - This quad was added in 1987, it connects the Jet area with the Tramside.

JET TRIPLE CHAIR (DOPPELMAYR) - The Jet triple replaced the Jet T-Bar in 1985.

GREEN MOUNTAIN FLYER (LEITNER) - Installed in 1999 the Green Mountain Flyer replaced the Green double chair
but extends slightly higher on the mountain's shoulder.

METRO QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - Installed in 2002 to replace the Metro T-bar, this chair was originally installed at
Sugarbush North in 1995 as the Green Mountain Chair. Jay peak purchased this chair to better serve beginner and
intermediate terrain.

VILLAGE CHAIR (HALL) - This chair services beginner terrain on the lower mountain.

TAXI QUAD (DOPPELMAYR) - Built in 2012, this lift replaced the Queens Highway T-bar however,
instead of following the Chalet Meadows trail it runs to the top of Lower Can Am.


GREEN DOUBLE (HALL) - Built in 1969 and removed in 1999 this chair serviced the terrain now served by the Green Mountain
Flyer quad.

METRO T-BAR (DOPPELMAYR) - This T-bar was replaced by the Metro Quad in 2002.

QUEEN'S HIGHWAY T-BAR (DOPPELMAYR) - Removed in 2012, This T-Bar connected the stateside with the tramside base area.

BONAVENTURE DOUBLE (MEULLER) - This 1960 double chair was replaced by the Bonaventure (red) quad in 1987.
It followed essentially the same liftline except at the bottom where it followed the trail still called Liftline.

SKYLINE (DOPPELMAYR) - This double chair built in 1968 served the summit in addition the tram.
A short lift at 1200' It ran from the Plateau at tower 2 of the Tram to the summit. It was still on the map in 1969
We are not sure when and why it was removed. Skier's from the bonaventure chair could acces the summit without
taking the tram and providing for early season sking.

JET T-BAR (DOPPELMAYR) - This T-bar built in 1959 followed the line of the Jet triple chair.

POMA (POMA) - The original lift at Jay installed in 1956 was extended in 1957 and later moved to the summit shoulder.

UPPER POMA (POMA) - The original lift at Jay re-installed in 1968 on the original Ullr's dream trail (Now Poma Line trail)

Pic 11 thanks to NELSAP Several historical dates and some information gathered from the Jay Peak Historical Society. Picture 41 thanks to The Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation. Pictures 43-59
Thanks to Joel B. Pics 60 and 61 thanks to Schweig_1.