KF - Katskill Flyer (Leitner-POMA) - The third lift to follow the base to summit liftline was built summer 2010.
This lift replaced the 1987 Snowlight Express which is being stored to be installed on Hunter West.

B - BROADWAY LIMITED QUAD (POMA)- a Poma quad which replaced the B double chair in 1996 serves novice and intermediate terrain.
It is a top drive lift with a Poma Alpha drive mounted high above the ground.

C - 20TH CENTURY LIMITED QUAD (POMA)- a Poma quad installed in 1997 to replace the original C double.

F TRIPLE (POMA)- a Poma Alpha type triple which replaced the original F double in 1984.

D TRIPLE (POMA) - a Poma triple built in 1966 and upgraded in 1981 with new chair slats, return bulwheel, tower masts
and a new engine housing at the base.

E DOUBLE (HALL)- Installed in 1968 this Hall double chair services Hunter One (East). This is the only lift on Hunter not
manufactured by Poma.

H DOUBLE (POMA)- a classic Poma double chair servicing Hunter One (East) with its floating bullwheel intact.

HP HIGHLANDS PLATTER (POMA)- A Poma Platter type lift that services the Highlands area of Hunter One (East).

ZE ZEYPHR EXPRESS (POMA) - For the 2011 season hunter re-installed the former AA Snowlight Express
quad. The 1987 Poma chair was refurbished and relocated to replace they Y and Z lifts on Hunter West.
The new lift was named the Zeyphr Express and follows the former Y liftline. For the 2011-12 season the
old Z lift remained with only the Y removed. It was left to run backup but was removed for the 2012-13 season


A DOUBLE (POMA)- The original summit chair built by Poma in 1962. It was upgraded again by Poma
with new chairs and some tower/sheave modifications in the 1970's. This chair was supplemented by the
AA Snowlite Express in 1987 and initially remained for busy weekends and holidays. It was removed a few
years later. Many of the chairs can still be seen on the deck of the Base Lodge creatively recycled.

AA SNOWLIGHT EXPRESS QUAD (POMA) - This 1987 HS Quad lift replaced the original A chair also built by Poma.
It ran for many years but was starting to show its age when removed in the summer of 2010. The
chair has been stored and reconditioned. It will be installed summer 2011 on Hunter West, replacing
both Y and Z doubles.

B DOUBLE (POMA)- a classic Poma double chair was replaced in 1996 with the Broadway Limited Quad.

C DOUBLE (POMA)- Installed in 1964 and replaced in 1997 with the C Quad.

Z DOUBLE (POMA)- a Poma double chair servicing Hunter West. Notice the first tower is of 1980's Poma
vintage and was added as part of a rebuild. The chair was removed following the 2011-12 season.

Y DOUBLE (POMA)- This chair ran parallel to Z on the west side. It was slightly longer and while it
was the second chair on Hunter West it is actually an older lift. This chair once was once the
F double. It was relocated to Hunter West when the F triple was installed in 1984. the chair was
removed from service in the spring of 2011.

G DOUBLE (POMA) - The G lift ran up the face of Hunter accross eisenhower drive and up racer's edge.
The chair mainly served racers. It was removed in 1996 and relcated to Hunter One as the G2 lift. It ran
until being replaced with a magic carpet in 2013.

G2 DOUBLE (POMA) - This Poma chair once was located on the face of Hunter as a mid-mountain lift
named the G double. It saw little use as the AA,B and D lifts carried the brunt of traffic, it was shortened
and relocated to Hunter One as the G2 lift. This is one of the stranger Mods I have seen using the lifts
original drive located at the top with a new Alpha type house up top. The original bullwheel on the return
tension end is set in a new Poma structure. It was replaced with a Magic Carpet in 2013.

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Picture #53 thanks to Ken Marvin