HIDDEN VALLEY, NJ (National Winter Activities Center) - Originally built as a private ski club Hidden Valey eventually
became a public areas. When it could no longer compete with Mountain Creek next door the ski area closed its doors.
The area was completely upgraded in 2016 with two Brand new Partek quads replacing all former lifts.

SUMMIT QUAD (PARTEK) - Built in 2016, this lift is currently the sole summit chair and follows a similar line to the old Summit Double.

BEGINNER QUAD (PARTEK) - Built in 2016, this lift replaced the olf Beginner double chair.


SUMMIT TRIPLE (BORVIG) - This was the main lift on the hill servicing the longest vertical. It was removed in 2016.

SUMMIT DOUBLE (BORVIG) - This lift was used primarily for racing and days when the triple is undergoing maintenance. It was removed in 2016.

BEGINNER DOUBLE (BORVIG) - This lift was orignaly located at the Milton Snow Bowl, a lost NJ area. It was removed in 2016.