HAYSTACK/HERMITAGE CLUB, VT - Haystack began life as an independent ski area. From 1992 through 2005 Haystack was owned by Mt. Snow.
In it's final years under Mount Snow it was half abandoned. None of the Mueller lifts operated or appeared on the map.
The transfer lift towers stood with no line gear. In 2011, The Hermitage club purchased the mountain after sitting dormant
for 5 years. The mountain is now private for members or Hermitage guests only and has undergone several upgrades such as a new
Lodge and Quad Chairs.

BARNSTORMER SIX PACK (Doppelmayr) - Installed in 2015 this chair replaced the Barnstormer Triple.

WITCHES TRIPLE (CTEC) - Installed in 1989, the lift services an expert pod on the Upper Mountain.

THE TAGE QUAD (SKYTRAC) - Built in 2012 the lift connects the Hermitage resort with Haystack.

LOWER MOUNTAIN QUAD (SKYTRAC) - Built in 2013 the lift serves the lower mountain terrain once served by the Haymaker chair.
It extends up further providing access to the new Lodge.


HAYFEVER TRIPLE (POMA) - Installed in 1985, the lift serviced the lower half of the Upper Mountain. It was sold to Bosquet's
in Mass. in 2020.

BARNSTORMER TRIPLE (POMA) - Built in 1985, the "Barnstormer" triple is interesting because it is a standard Poma Alpha model triple
however the chairs have metal slotted backs rather that the standard Poma padded backrest. In 2012 the Bottom terminal was relocated
70 feet uphill to make room for a new lodge. It ran in 2013 for the first time since 2004.

OH NO DOUBLE (MUELLER) - Built in 1965 by Mueller, this lift was originally a center pole
chair until modified with new CTEC chairs in the early 1990's. It was the first summit chair.
When Mt. Snow owned Haystack it ran rarely as a backup lift and eventually was removed from the map
It was removed in stages during the late 2000's, as of 2013 the towers still stand.

HAYMAKER DOUBLE (MUELLER) - This chair was originally installed on the lower half of the
Upper Mountain as the Hayfever double. In 1986 it was re-installed on the lower mountain with new
bail style Mueller chairs to service beginner terrain. This terrain was previously only acessable via

TRANSFER DOUBLE (MUELLER) - This double chair used to connect the lower with the upper mountain
until the new Upper Lodge was completed. During the Mt. Snow Era, only the towers stood.

FANNY HILL T-BAR (MUELLER) - A Mueller junior model T-Bar.

LOWER LODGE - Not a chair, the lower lodge was demolished in the early 2000's. It was a very
cool place straight out of the 1960's.