BLITZEN TRIPLE (RIBLET) - Installed on the mountain for the 2001-2002 season. It has a mid-station for beginner skiiers to go to the
beginner area. Both pictures are taken from near the summit of the lift. This chair has a unique hanging drive terminal and a midway
loading/unoading area shown in the 2nd and 3rd pictures.

CUPID DOUBLE (RIBLET) - Installed on the mountain for the 2001-2002. The lift was purchased from Bridger Bowl Montana
in 2001 where it was the Pierre's Knob double. It has been modified with some new towers (Thiokol/ctec)and a seemingly new return terminal.

COMET 6-PACK (LEITNER-POMA) - This lift and runs from the base to the summit. It was installed on the mountain for the
2003-2004 season. It was installed to take the place of Chair 2, the old SLI double lift. Before the Comet Express was installed, The
Prancer Double was the only lift to run from the base to the summit of the mountain

PRANCER DOUBLE (RIBLET) - This lift was one of the original lifts on the mountain built in 1969. It has a mid-way unloading
station which served as access to the beginner areas on the original mountain trail configuration. (The original mountian was
from the black diamond #46 to blue box 38. Rib Mountain was very small) The drive terminal is at the top of the mountain, and
the motor house is partially underground.

DONNER TRIPLE (RIBLET) - This chair was originally a beginner chair at the mountain located between Prancer and chair 2
Built in the late 80's it was relocated on the mountain for the 2002-2003 season to service new terrain. Granite Peak is planning
on replacing this lift somewhere between 2006-2008 with another high-speed lift, these plans have not yet been finalized

SANTA TRIPLE (THIOKOL) - This lift was installed used in 2004, it has modified tower heads.


CHAIR 2 (SLI) - The second of the original lifts on the mountain it had maintainance-free bail type chairs. The lift began about half
way up the mountain (about where blue -box runs 36 and 37 meet, the map on line isn't accurate in that area as blue-box trail 38 merges
in about the same area) and ran to the summit of the mountain where the top of the new 6-pack is now.

All pics from Robb Shult , Thanks, Robb! Additional information from Brandon Marquardt.
"Dave and Jeff and everyone else at Chairlift Preservation Society,
Recently I took a trip to Wausau, Wisconsin for a class project in mapping. Wausau is home to Granite Peak ski area,
formerly known as Rib Mountain ski area. Upon changing ownership from the Wisonsin State Park system to a private
owner, Rib Mountain has enlarged its size. (Visit for info) During the additions, only one of
the original lifts was left standing for now. It is the Prancer Double, a Riblet."