NORTHWOODS GONDOLA (POMA) - This 8 passenger Gondola lift was built in 1999. It uses CWA Omega cabins

ADIRONDACK EXPRESS II (LEITNER-POMA) - Parts were becoming very dificult to source and expensive to fabricate
for the Adirondack Express Triple as it was a one of a kind lift. In 2014 Gore replaced the triple with the express
quad shown here. Sevaral pictures show the construction of the lift in 2014.

NORTH QUAD (GARAVANTA-CTEC) - This Garaventa/CTEC brand quad lift replaced the old north double chair in 1997.

HIGH PEAKS DOUBLE (RIBLET/CTEC) - Built by Riblet in 1966 this lift was originally named the "Summit Chair." The lift has a new return terminal
built by CTEC located slightly lower than the original summit.

STRAIGHTBROOK QUAD (GARAVANTA-CTEC) - This Garaventa/CTEC brand quad lift replaced the old Straightbrook double chair (Riblet) in 1995.

TOPRIDGE TRIPLE (CTEC) - This CTEC brand lift was installed in 2002 and utilizes many components from the former Valley Lift at Whiteface, NY.
The lift goes to the top of the Bear Mountain near the Northwoods Gondola summit.

SUNWAY DOUBLE (RIBLET) - Installed in 1986, this lift services easy terrain near the bottom of the original Gondola.

VILLAGE TRIPLE (PARTEK) - This triple was installed in 2009, re-opening the North Creek Ski Bowl. The lift
is partially new and paritally made of Borvig parts re-conditioned by Partek.

HUDSON TRIPLE (PARTEK) - Built in 2011, this chair follows the line of the old Ski Bowl T-Bar. The lift is partially new and paritally made of Borvig parts re-conditioned by Partek.


ORIGINAL GONDOLA (VON ROLL/HABEGGER) - The Old Red Gondola was built in 1967 and was the first and only Gondola in NY state until 1999
While the Gondola was taken out of service in 1999, as of 2014 it had still not been completely removed. A few towers and the top station still remain.

The following was provided in 2001 from Larry W, a long time Hall, Von Roll-Habegger and now Doppelmayr/CTEC employee:
"The original two-section Gondola was designed and built by Von Roll LTD. of Berne Switzerland, using the pioneering VR101 grip as
used on many skyrides worldwide. The cabins were built by DiGiorgi and are of Fiberglass construction, which is the same material as
Stowe's, but the similarity ends there. The Gore gondola was heavily modified in 1982 by Habegger of Switzerland with new grips and
hangers, also some tower changes. The new grips and hangers were of the same style (but not the same manufacturer) as the PHB grips
used in the Hall/PHB gondolas. PHB, Habegger, Stadeli and others have used the Giavanola design grips under license, thus parts do not
interchange. The old Gore gondola is still there, but is not in use." The third picture shows the gondola before it was rebuilt by Habegger,
notice the hanger arms are different.

ADIRONDACK EXPRESS (VON ROLL HABEGGER) - Built in 1984 just after the purchase of Hall ski lifts by Von Roll Habegger of Switzerland.
One can see Von Roll's detachable technology merged with classic Hall tower and chair designs. 2014 was the last season for the Triple

DOUBLE CHAIR (HALL) - One of two original double chairs built at Gore in 1964.

STRAIGHTBROOK DOUBLE CHAIR (RIBLET) - Built in 1967 along with the Gondola, this chair was replaced with the
Straightbrook quad in 1995. It can be seen behind the gondola in the picture below.

Pictures 6-11 thanks to Joel B. Pics 75-95 thanks to Kevin J.